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Books I’ve Published – 2013

October 7, 2013
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I already have these books listed on My Book Shelf page, but most of you folks don’t visit that (the numbers don’t lie), so I figured I’d do something I rarely do these days, and actually post a link farm. I apologize for those hoping for a new, proper post from me, but I’m a little out of sorts and not feeling too chatty. Included with these links are the brief summaries I wrote for these books a week or two ago:

A series of short stories and novellas about spies, sultans, genies, detectives, bad angels, a man’s best friend, the God of Squirrels, Christmas dinner for two, thieves, sorceresses, lost children, working while you sleep, writer’s block, soul-eating vampires, and a giant squid.

TERMINAL MONDAY: a Dream of New York City
A man meets an old girlfriend who convinces him to return to novel writing, but not before his wife leaves him, he gets his old band back together, and suffers a nervous breakdown.

TERMINAL MONDAY: Under Observation
A man has a mental breakdown and wakes up to find himself under observation in a New York City hospital.

ASHES: Infinite Redress
A scientist becomes infected by a space-borne virus that contains the soul of an alien missionary who bonds with her and draws her into solving the mystery of how the aliens all died.

A knight falls in love with a young woman designated to be sacrificed to a mystical dragon, and undertakes a quest to learn how to defeat the dragon and break the centuries-old pact.

LINKTALES volume one
(excerpts from The Dark Guild) A series of mysterious events lead to the old city of Londonis being invaded by soul-eating vampires.

You know what I’m asking you to do. Please. Thank you.


Broken Site

December 14, 2015

My home site,, seems to be broken right now. No idea what’s actually wrong with it, but it may be that the theme broke and screwed up all of the code somehow. Should be fun trying to get that sorted out.

Meanwhile, I’m researching my year end music post. Been poring over albums from 2015 to decide if it’s worth doing. So far, a lot of dogs, but there are a few diamonds in the pile, so I figure I’ll do a truncated version in the next week. But first, I have to do some work on a comic strip/holiday card I’ve been staring at for the past few days.

I’m also thinking about some new songs. Not so much about the album project I’ve been promising. I may table it for another year and focus on music instead. Thinking there are a few musician friends of mine, including my long-time songwriting partner Gary Falkins, whom I’d like to work with on a new People’s Republic of Limbo album, instead of the catalogue blowout album I have planned to follow the concept album. I’ve been thinking my next couple of music projects were going to be clearing the decks projects, but they’re not as imperative to me just now. I’m hearing a lot of music that doesn’t quite go to eleven, and a few that definitely go there, and I’m thinking it’s time I wrote and recorded a rock album people actually want to listen to.

For those wondering, there WILL be a new book in 201. I will be stopping a lot of other stuff to make room for writing. Expect more news soon.
Customs and Road Songs of Limbo
The Constant Sea of Night

And I made twenty one small abstract paintings yesterday for one or two major Abstract Assemblages, which I sort of worked out in advance, but I may jigger with it some more now that I have drying pieces of art to work with. Think there is a way to create something visually sequential and not simply consecutive. In the past, the way I arranged the pieces as I painted them defined how the finished work was arranged. This time around, there’s a bit of that, but not as perfectly as before, so there is room–need, even–for reinterpretation and further interaction to create a more narrative sequence. We’ll see. The piece(s) won’t be assembled until the new year. Money ran out again. Would be nice if someone would buy a painting right about now. Images coming soon as the paintings are dry and I can try out he layout ideas again.

Anyway, sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been busy with the StinZine and The Anvil, two local community publications I’ve been involved with.
The Anvil 001 - cover 002d

Time to sign off. Have a great day, and Season’s Greetings.


Frenzy (2015)

July 3, 2015

$500.00 CAD +s&h.

Frenzy (2015).

No Serious Irregularities

June 19, 2015

Just a brief post to talk about what I’m up to, and to share a brief bit of graphical stats amusement, which I don’t do very often anymore.

First, there’s those buttons I started working on. They’re still not done. I might work on them today, barring interruptions. Gotta give them a black glass effect, before finishing them with something a little more eye popping. I wish I had some white paint…

Second, I’m trudging through the miles of rough road towards the end of CUSTOMS AND ROAD SONGS OF LIMBO. It’s a collection of weird and sometimes extremely naughty stories about a lot of new people, including a handful about Richard Burley. These will likely be the last Richard Burley tales I tell for a very long time, if not forever. I may post a bit of one sooner or later. We’ll see.

Third, I’m contemplating redrawing an old picture, called Ægypt, which I was meant to finish drawing and then paint way back in my college days. I’m thinking of a proper update, because the imagery and symbolism I chose back then isn’t as pertinent to me now as it was then (though some fun things haven’t changed, and certainly won’t). The original looked something like this:
Ægypt 001 sml
I have so many other pieces of illustration work to do, but this old piece keeps calling to me, like an old lost love, waiting for their moment. So I’ll take a new look at it, if I can, and get old business out of the way once and for all. Who knows? Maybe I’ll reconnect with the fiery young artist I was in my teens and twenties. Not likely, but it could happen.

Fourth: I have PB stuff I should be working on, but no one is asking me, although I probably owe some work somewhere to get the ball rolling. When I get that figured out, I’ll make a stab at it.

Fifth: Okay, time to stop mucking about. There’s always a million other things to think about, but I promised I’d show you some metrics. These next two images are screenshots from two of my most steadily visited posts on this website. Regulars can probably guess which ones they are (and no, it’s NOT Thick as a Brick II).

GENESIS – DUKE (1980) – a classic rock album review

The LAST LOVE SCENE – an excerpt from TERMINAL MONDAY [slightly NSFW]

And there you have it. As Elizabeth Bear liked to say back in the last good LiveJournal days, five things makes a post.

Well My Mind Is Going Through Them Changes

April 14, 2015

Been sick with a chest cold for just over a week now. *sigh*

So, I’ve been pretty focussed on artwork lately. For those of you NOT following my art page, it’s HERE.

I’ve also been working on music again. I recorded a tiny piece of music that had originally come from my buddy Gary Falkins quite a long time ago, and that I had gussied up a bit, also a very long time ago. You and listen to it here:

But today, I think I’m going to focus on some writing. I haven’t published anything brand new in a few months, and it’s starting to get on my nerves (especially because nobody actually read the last two books I wrote). The current volume is another collection of short stories, which is only about a third done. I may take some of the more questionable stories out of the volume before I publish it, even though the focus of the book, if you can call it focus, is personal stories interspersed with fictional tales of taboo and transgression. I once had a slim volume of original erotica planned, and nearly got it done, but just haven’t had the nerve to put it out. The naughtier stuff in this volume may wind up in there as well. We’ll see.
[click to embiggen]
VFMD 2015 04 14a

I think that’s all of the Show & Tell I’ve got for today. Thank you for reading.


Reach Out (2015)

March 3, 2015
Featured Image -- 1173

Something I’ve been working on.

I may give each position a name of its own, to denote the significance of the configuration. I may not. There are a lot of ways to look at this piece. The explanations going through my head right now are taking a while to boil down and articulate.

Reach Out 001sml
Reach Out 002sml
Reach Out 003sml
Reach Out 004sml

It’s about achieving against adversity. The significance of the white piece is personal, but you may be forgiven for thinking it’s a reference to the obvious cis male white dominated society we live in. And that would be one good interpretation of the struggle and sacrifice needed to achieve against adversity, as well. The positioning of the white piece becomes symbolic under such circumstances. I invite the owner to draw their own conclusion.

Acrylic on canvas board, mounted to wooden panel; 12″x12″.

My agent says it’s valued at $200.00 CAD (+s&h). Better hurry before I change my mind.

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How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

February 9, 2015

Okay, so a few of you may have noticed that I wasn’t posting anything for a few weeks there. Money problems. Website was down. thanks for asking. But the point is, I’ve been having problems with money lately, and that is largely down to the fact that my career of choice, writing, is not paying the bills. There might be a reason for that. It occurs to me that I don’t publicize my books in a way that everyone can get into. So, I’m going to look into rebranding my books and rewriting the book synopses and such, to hopefully make the books easier to get into. My attempts to be clever and artsy have met with failure. I’m thinking the whole thing needs to be redone with less frills, no vector artwork, no photography (I’m anti-photo covers; they bore me to tears), and only a brief but very clear synopsis on the back. It’s probably the wrong way to go about it, but trusting my instincts hasn’t paid off so far, so maybe just sticking with the KISS principle will do the trick.

See, this is because I’m not a hobbyist. I’m serious about writing. I’m just not successful. And I’m not able to go back to factory work (bad back), and I can’t work for another bottom feeding print shop (I’m looking at you, Hamilton Copy Copy), and can’t seem to get work in the shops that look like they might have a clue how to treat their employees with respect. So, either I write my way out of debt, or sell more paintings, or record a new album of rock songs and hope I can promote that and sell lots of CDs and pay my debts off. Yeah, you see how this works, right?

I may be redesigning this site, as well. Might keep the sliding doors theme, but change out the graphics and go ultra simple and clean. Something that screams ‘professionally designed’. Because I am, or at least have been, a professional designer, too. Not so much lately, and not in the current market, it seems, but I’m competent.

So there you have it. Things are gonna change. And with any luck, you will be swayed, and will finally buy (and read) something I wrote. Because you know I’m talking to you specifically, right? Not the other readers. You. You’re the only one I’m interested in.

Now, if only you felt that way about me…

One more thing: I’m considering doing audio books. Any requests?


You Lose

January 30, 2015

STRONG LANGUAGE ALERT: The following is a very colourful screed about the fallacy of debating sexism in video games while clutching your penis and thumping your chest while wearing a monkey suit. NSFW.

The problem with the debate about sexist tropes in video gaming is, the people arguing the loudest are invariably the least rational and the least capable of holding a civilized, productive debate.

The first logical fallacy is maintaining that there is nothing wrong with sexism in gaming because the people pointing it out are ‘FemiNazis’ who are just trying to take away our ‘male-safe space’. Your male-safe space is the problem. It’s a happy little bubble where you go to objectify women and circle jerk and act like an asshole. That’s all it is. Nothing sacred to it. A man who can’t live without this sort of behaviour isn’t really a man, because only abused, shell-shocked women will tolerate it, and if you can’t behave that way in front of a strong woman, chances are, you’re acting like a child, not a real man. Grow the fuck up.

You see, rather than debate the actual point of discussion (i.e. too many video games portray women as helpless sex objects, which teaches men to treat women not as people but as possessions to be treated and punished as we see fit), we clamp our hands to our heads screaming ‘La La La LA LA’ as loud as we can, and when she stops talking, we start bashing at her like an orangutan trying to open a can of peanuts. We’ll call her anything and everything under the sun to try to shut her up, whoever she is, and we don’t even really care who she is or what she says, so long as we can find an emotional chink in her armour to tear her apart with.

Make a video explaining why many video games make women feel like shit? We’ll mansplain why you’re wrong to feel that way, and then perhaps threaten to rape you in the comments section, to teach you a lesson about opening your sexy mouth out of turn. Start a kickstarter campaign to make videos talking about the systemic problems within Gamer Culture? We’ll baselessly accuse you of being a scam artist, merely wanting money to go buy frilly hats and shit. And maybe threaten to rape you as well, just for good measure.

See what just happened there?

You see, it’s all such bullshit, it doesn’t even deserve to be debated. If you can’t see the logical fallacy of protecting your sexist boy’s club mentality, then you have failed to grasp the problem entirely. And in the process, you are making all male gamers look like asses just for owning a penis and a penis substitute… err… I mean game controller.

ProTip #1: This is the 21st Century. Yes, I’m still waiting for my jetpack, too. But meanwhile, perhaps we could all as men try a little harder NOT to drag our fucking knuckles on the ground quite so much.

The second fallacy is that ‘she has no right to debate the issue if she isn’t a member of the club’ (i.e.: the Not a Gamer debate). Where did that bullshit come from? ‘You don’t know what it’s like to be a gamer, so shut up’? ‘I was a 98lb weakling in school, so let me have my digital titties; I’ve earned them’?

Bullshit. If more women don’t play certain games, there has to be a logical reason, and it’s not chromosomal. It’s not because women are predisposed to prefer Barbies and easy bake ovens. I know women who game. Game hard, even. MOST of the women I hold dearest to my heart are awesome gamers, and could kick your lily white ass, in or out of game. And even they have largely been driven out of gamer circles because of the toxic atmosphere of gamer culture these days. They don’t want to put up with our tirades and our snide remarks and our crude ‘jokes’ (which ARE actually attacks on their gender, you realize?) anymore. Who would have thunk it?

This is because we make women feel like shit for even trying to be part of the discussion, unless they promise to be good gamer girlfriends, serve the nacho chips and Mountain Dew, and give the occasional blow job during raid. All in all, not a solid position, guys.

I know. I’m making polemic arguments. You’re already pissed at my ‘baseless’ statements. Too bad. You can dish it out, but you clearly can’t take it. How’s that for a knuckle dragging argument?

And that’s what it all looks like from the outside, you know? Mainstream media is covering this ‘debate’, and the reviews are looking really bad for the boy’s team. We look like a bunch of fucking savages. Amateur Hour.

ProTip #2: Before you shoot your mouth off about racial or gender-based discrimination, Check Your Privilege and make sure you aren’t already already guilty of some or all of the accusations. No point in trying to argue your way out of a wet paper bag; wait long enough and it will fall apart around you. And before there is any confusion, that wet paper bag is made from the slender thread of lies you’ve been telling yourselves and each other to keep this whole charade of a ‘debate’ alive. You can’t win, because you already lost. You invalidated every good point you MAY have had by resorting to rape threats and shit slinging. And don’t tell me it wasn’t you. You may not have made the threats, but someone you know did, and you said shit to them about it. Well fuck that. I’m calling you out. Me too. It took this long for me to come to grips with my passive acceptance and complicity in the Boy’s Club mentality at work here.

We as Gamers are probably all geeks/nerds on some level, and probably have been most of our lives. As well, we’ve probably all been treated like shit at some point in our lives for not being alpha enough. I know I was, for years. I literally can’t tell you how many times I got beat up just for being the small, chubby kid with the glasses and the big vocabulary. I lost fucking count. But what do we take away from that experience? Did we learn to be more compassionate and accepting of others? Fuck, no. We learned how to treat those whom we perceive as being beneath us (Caste System, anyone?) with the same contempt and derision we get. And we justify it by saying we’re just keeping it real and making the weak stronger. Tough Love? Really? Bullshit!

One last thing before you go: I don’t hate men. I AM a man, and I love sexuality and the female form, in all of its shapes and sizes. But there’s a whole lotsa times I wish I could say I’m not a member of this club, and they usually happen when I find myself in a group of men bashing or otherwise baselessly demeaning women, especially when they’re not around to defend themselves in person. Most of these comments and arguments go on behind women’s backs, or down in the sleazy pit of some comment section with no moderation or Netiquette enforcement. There’s a word for what happens in there: Disinhibited. It’s when we slip and let down our guard, and start to behave in ways we wouldn’t normally condone in polite society. It’s when our monkey brains take over and we start defecating and flinging feces on everything in protest, rather than calm down and produce a reasonable argument as to why we disagree, even if we’re eventually proven wrong. And we seem to do it every time, the weak- and the strong-minded alike (just with slightly different language). We start off making logical argument noises, but it almost always seems to be rife with logical fallacies, until we run out of male rights activism points to parrot faithfully. Then we get pissed off and start lashing out.

And every time we do this, we lose the debate.

Let me put it to you another way: You Lose. Game Over. Now turn off the console and go do something fucking productive. Like your homework. Or your laundry. At least take a fucking shower.

Thank you for reading this far. And on behalf of the upright-walking members of the male gender, I apologize to any and all women who have felt maligned by the male-dominated cultures of the world. We really are a pathetic lot, but some of us are trying.



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