My buddy Rodney wants me to co-design a roleplaying game based on my old LINK RPG concept. I’m having to think about this because he’s ploughing ahead at lightspeed, which can be good, but puts me in a bind because it taps into ideas of mine that need protecting.

So far, it seems he’s intent on doing a WestWorld theme, and I somehow got myself tied into the prospect of doing the Euro leg of the planet. First stop, merry olde Engla… oops, I mean Britannia.

He’s pretty gung ho… that scares me. He gets like this sometimes.

But still… I HAD planned on making it a game once… perhaps again… with a little work… *shrugs*

L o L,
being pestered at six IMs a minute.
…and trying to staunch the flow of his enthusiasm before he hemmorhages all over me…