I did say morning, didn’t I? I meant it. This waking up at dawn but not rising until noon thing is evil incarnate.
I need to go out, pay my bills, and buy some industrial strength coffee. This $#!^ has got to stop.

1) aside from bills and coffee (I’m a tea drinker; you have to appreciate the seriousness of the problem if I am resorting to coffee), I need to finish The Logos That Won’t Be Finished, squeeze two more reference poses out of Poser 4 [because I couldn’t google up bird’s eye shots to give me the pose for the Flavour Essence brochure cover that I am determined to get, but keep having visual problems with: Lee in Limbo needs a live-in model], and take another stab at the label design for the Shea Butter Fairie Baby line. Also thinking that I need a photograph of in ‘stealth pigtails’, because I need to see how high or low she likes them to ride on her and Julia… and because I’m in the mood to see pictures of pretty people today, thanks to .

Oh, and if anyone out there has other pictures of my sweetie , could you please notify me, and maybe email me scans. I’m in the mood to plan a picture for her, and I need references for that. I have a few nice ones culled from LJ, but I need a few more full poses to work from.

L o L, getting ready to find caffeine and a big f#$%ing sword with which to hack up his To Do List

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