A note about my posted fiction…

Around the end of last year, I started writing the manuscript for a SpecFic novel which is to be my grand thesis summation of the ‘James Bond, 007’ franchise tropes and themes.

I did this for a number of reasons, not least of which was because I knew I would never get to write anything for that series officially, and probably would never want to, given my attitude towards some of the more determined Bond fanatics, who remind me an awful lot of X-Fans.

I knew I wasn’t interested in writing a fanfic, and definitely didn’t want to polish a script for submission that would never see the light of day.

Yet, I had all of these neat ideas that I really wanted to try out, most of which I knew would never fly with serious Bondheads anyway (I know. I asked).

So instead, I devised what I think is a far more clever concept/framework than most Bondian-wannabe tales that I had read or watched to date, following in that valley few dare to tread… unless they want to get a movie franchise going, which rarely seems to work.

And I started scripting it, knowing full well that I still had only the rough outline for a lot of the story.

The story is still in development, and I still feel good about it, but I’m so caught up in this graphics-gig stuff right now that I’m having trouble getting back to the books I had started.

Yes, books. This is only the first of a few I plan on debuting here in their incomplete, uneditted and largely unproofed form. They’re barely started, hardly more than a few pages apiece, so it’s not likely to get too dense here. As well, the final drafts will be considerably different anyway.

Feel free to comment if and as you wish. I’m neither afraid of criticism, nor of dismissal. Unfinished work gets as little accolade as it warrantes. Nonetheless, I place these things here for your amusement as much as my own, so feel free to read them and enjoy them if and as you can.

Of course, I ask that you keep these between us. I would never do anything to knowingly betray your trust. I hope you’ll do the same.

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[Editted to add: I’m making this public for a time, to see if I can’t find an audience for this piece. Bear with me]
L o L,
depending on the kindness of strangers.