Story of My Life

Expected at Uncle Gary’s shortly. He needs more cheap tech support. You get what you pay for; me.

Might need a tea for this. Also have to clean myself up. Turning into a hermit has had determental effect on my hygiene. Good thing no one sees me like this.

I may have to develop an exercise regimen. I’m feeling pudgy today.

A final feeble plea. And I won’t harp on this or ask for any favours or anything, but could folks maybe just nod my way if they have even so much as glanced at Gala Ball? The old axiom about not saying anything will be respected here, so a simple acknowledgement that people even noticed it would suffice.

I will be posting the final page of the Gala Ball intro tonight after midnight.

I won’t be this annoying about this stuff anymore. Promise.

L o L,
monitoring his experiments closely

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