The Flower Kings – Better Than You Think

Will more people listen to me and go find music by these guys? It’s elegiac and anthemic and fantastic and powerful.

Currently playing a piece from Starddust We Are. There’s a segment at the end of the first disc, basically the last three tracks, which starts with an instrumental piece called Circus Brimstone…

It has this sort of mutant Bolero riff in the keys that is suppported by this stilted galloping bass riff, and I swear it just goes straight to some dark power fantasy pleasure centre in me somewhere that just demands that I parade around the apartment in a heightened state of RockGodPresence or something. It makes me want to get back into my music and resurrect the old band just so I can play something that damned cool again.

There is this tiny instrumental segue called Crying Clown which is a sort of demented calliope riff that leads from Circus Brimstone into the last track, called Compassion…

It’s sort of a Sermon on the Mount thing with very catholic undertones and a lot of background vocal chorus intoned like Gregorian Chant, with some amazing build-up to one of the coolest rock outro jams I’ve heard in a while. This reaches back and finishes on an Austrian Operatic note straight out of the unfinished intentions of Mozart’s Requiem and echoes off into ether, before returning moments later with a brief bit of insame moog/oberheim circulating dissonance, adding a sense of KarnEvil #9 futility and despair.

The whole album set is great, but those pieces are just so strong, it hits me from across the room even when I’m immersed in other things. I hear that bass under those keys tangoing with the guitar, and everything else stops for ten minutes and I feel the power.

Mind you, it’s overly indulgent progressive rock music, and if you aren’t into that, you’ll probably hate me for suggesting it.

I can live with that.

L o L,
moving on to the second disc, and trying to coax insame perspective models out of Poser for a commercial piece I can’t get photo refs for.