Lonely Boy Blues

Bev’s heading for the shower before changing and heading off to the Lunacon convention tonight.

That means The Lord of Limbo is alone in his kingdom tonight. *sigh*

That means Lee in Limbo is not going to have his lady love to pass naughty notes to and receive from all night long. I think I understand a little of what my buddy is going through 😉

At any rate, anyone who actually comes looking for me will find me chained to the computer for at least a few more hours. I might go up the escarpment to Jack’s Roadhouse to visit Wendy at karaoke, but I have a lot of work to do, so I seriously doubt it. In which case, it’s ‘work until I drop’.

Hope everyone else is getting along out there.

Oh, and to … *fanning self vigorously* thank you and thank you again.

Might need a shower myself, shortly Wait up, honey! 🙂

L o L,
back to the drawing board, but full of ideas for a change