World Press Review Stats for 2003-03-20

Article headlines with no reference whatsoever to The War on Iraq (what? No cute name this time?):

– Wapa tells Rwanda to stay out of Bunia
The Monitor – Independent daily of Kampala, Uganda
– No country has the right to turn its diplomatic representation into a general quarters for subverting constitutional order
Granma – Communist Party Weekly, Havana, Cuba
– Large landowners to pay more taxes – As part of efforts to improve the system, there will be annual adjustments of property valuations starting in 2004/2005
Jamaica Gleaner – Centrist daily of Kingston, Jamaica
– Indonesia Issues Travel Warning to China, Hong Kong and Vietnam
Tempo – Independent weekly of Jakarta, Indonesia
– More red ink for railroad
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Conservative daily of Frankfurt, Germany

…with a possibility of this being tangentially related:
– US administration approves $10 billion in guarantees, aid to Israel
Jerusalem Post – Conservative daily of Jerusalem, Israel

That’s five or six out of 28 headlines from around the world who published a paper for March 20th, 2003.
That’s between 1 in 4 and over 1 in 5 chances that everyone is tuned in to GWB’s Fist Fight In The Desert™. Countries that never pay any attention to America are watching. Only a few small countries that are so below the radar or are so out of step with the times have failed to notice.

My thought: Mr. Bush… why do you hate Arabs so much? Does your family not own enough oil already? Or is it just that your preconceived notions of Arab culture are being shattered by images of The Burj al Arab at Dubai City, and you’re afraid they may actually shoot past your home town, culturally, if you don’t bomb them back into the stone age periodically?

(and for the record, I know Dabai City is nowhere near Baghdad, but I’m not sure Mr. Bush makes a distinction. It’s all oil fields to him, methinks)

L o L,
who suspects Mr. Bush doesn’t like anyone not born in America, but anyways…