Where the fuck are my models?!?

I need a ‘walking away’ shot of a woman in a sarong-type (ie clingy) skirt in a 3/4 turned-away pose from hip height, shooting from the right with left foot forward and left arm back, right arm up holding a flopppy hat on in a light breeze, with warm light glancing off of her from top left. Hell, I need her topless, but I’ll take her in just about anything as long as I can sense her breast, hips and waist, and can see her bare arm.

These are the little details my brain will not allow me to visualize perfectly to get this fucking logo finished. I’ve looked at thousands of pictures in the last three days, and have only found a few that come close… none close enough.

And feet! I need to see the damned feet! Can’t get the ankles or calves right, and my brain keeps spazzing and wrecking the drawings because it knows I’m wrong. I hate my brain.

CvS 3.0 will have a live-in model, a varied wardrobe dept. and a great deal of photographic equipement for just such emergencies.