Blogger Survey

pointed out a web logger survey being conducted for a research paper by at

These are my responses:

1. What blogging equipment have you used in your life? Just LiveJournal. I used to do an OpEd on my own free website, but haven’t enjoyed working there in a while. Time for change.

2. How many do you know about? I’ve seen several, but I don’t really know anything about them. I can’t name any beyond the original Blogger, which I merely rememeber off hand.

3. Why did you start? My girlfriend keeps one, and encouraged me to start. Then a girlfriend of hers (who writes fiction that I am attempting to draw sequentials for) suggested it a few times. Between the two of them, their efforst and my curiosity managed to get me to cave in.

4. Did someone help you? Mainly my girlfriend, though her writer-friend was the one who got me signed in.

5. When did you start? February 23rd, 2003.

6. What do you think the point of blogging is? Place to empty your head and potentially receive interesting comments about it, but more importantly, just to drive it home that you are nothing like the only one who thinks that.

7. Who do you think participates? Oh, these days pretty much anyone who spends more thanfifteen minutes online and has more than three close friends who live in cities miles away, it seems. Cheaper than phone gab, I suppose.

8. Where do you think bloggers can be found? Dunno. I find friends from messageboards who started keeping one, and before you know it, everyone else has one. Just gotta wait long enough, I suppose. For the rest, you can probably Google for blogs. Haven’t tried, myself.

9. Explain why you think they started. Everyone loves to empty their head in the presence of friends. With blogging, you sort of go at it from the opposite end; Make Friends and Influence People Emptying Your Head.

10. Explain how you think they started. Most folks who get their own webspace start some form of web journal. Seems to be the nature of the beast; human being meets impersonal internet, and whips out a magic marker to correct that.

11. Do you feel that these systems that you have been blogging on have been good networks/communities? Sure. Some folks have seemingly built up sprawiling empires devoted to their need for attention 😉 Not me… I’ve shut off the comment function. Don’t want to know. But I still fire my little missives out into the ether.

12. Do you feel this fills your social-ness quota for a day or a certain amount of time? Truthfully,yes and no. I still think it’s much better to spend time with friends, but I’ve been chained to my computer for months out of profesional need, and I’ve had little time for a social life. Bloggin on LJ has helped to me to fill some of that need.

13. Do you feel that these people know you better than your real friends? Nah. But they do get to see my silly side more than my friends do, which is nice. I also get to play faux-dictator, and no one looks askance. That’s nice.

14. Do you have many friends online that you blog with? A few. I’m not really a crowd person. My ego could probably use it, but I don’t seek it with much vigour.

15. Was blogging a peer pressure for you? Oh YES! Definitely! *grins mischieviously*

16. Did your parental unit(s) ever tell you it was wrong to blog (or that you couldn’t use the Internet and live in the house they lived in at the same time)? I’m having trouble getting my mother’s computer to behave in a user-friendly fashion, so she barely has experience with email. If I started explaining blogging to her, I have no idea how she’d take it, but I suspect she’d be envious.

17. Do you feel that blogging networks satisfy a majority of people’s need for community? Umm… no. Most of the people I know from LJ make plans to visit one another in person. I think blogger communities merely help folks to find like-minded individuals who won’t be a nuisance later on.

18. Where do you hope your blog is heading? Personal digital iinterfaces with audio-visual capability and satellite uplink for everyone. Press the button and record.

19. What is your opinion on groups within the network you blog on? Some strange stuff going on there, but I have friends who take part in some of thse communities, so I shouldn’t be too harsh. That said, it’s interesting to speculate how these crowds ever came into being before the internet.

20. Do you think people misuse systems they blog on? Please explain how. Hmmn.There will always be sociopathic idiots who have no business interacting with civilized people. They find ways to offend and hurt people even when there is no contact. They are the kind of people who make nice folks afraid to share too much, for fear that their antisocial behaviour might run over into real encounters with a potential maniac. It’s too much to ask of a sociopath, but really, it would be wonderful if they would recognize how terribly unwelcome they are and either seek help or wither. Too harsh? I have no sympathy for someone incapable of extendign me the same courtesy. I don’t truly wish anyone ill. But anyone who does harm because their personality wiring demands that they press the advantage when they detect weakness is not worthy of more consideration. They take up too much of the public good will as it is, and it is a side of human behaviour that I see no use for, no matter how useful they may or may not have been throughout history.

21. Do you think misuse leads to stalking? No, but I do believe stalkers are quite capable of being blog abusers. One does not automatically beget the other, but I don’t doubt that it would be an excellent tool for people with that mindset to use for their more dangerous purposes.

22. Do you think that using the friend feature helps? Well, I use it to obtain interesting reading material. I get laughter and warm feelings as my friends share fun, warm, and even relatively intimate details about their lives with me. It’s nice to know these people, and to share in their lives and thought processes.

23. Do you feel safe putting your deepest darkest thoughts on the web even if it is only labeled “private”? Yes. There is little that is truly unique or dangerous to share inside of me, and I probably wouldn’t like anyone who found personal things about me to be offensive or disturbing (I’m not some fiend, after all). And anyone who would seek to do me harm would find a way to do so whether I offered more intimate details about myself or not. Can’t hide from the world, but you can be prepared to del with it when it starts falling on your head.

24. How do you feel about the different filters of public/private/friends? Good idea.

25. Do you think they should have more? Can’t imagine how, unless they can institute a banning code for IP addresses you know are being used by serious offenders. Something you can initiate personally. Your own little gag button.

26. Do you start out your day waking up and blogging even before you take a shower of brush your teeth? No. I read my email before I shower more often than I like to admit, but I don’t start transmitting stuff until after breakfast, and I try to have all of my other stuff squared away before then, unless I’m not well or haven’t been to bed anyway, so it makes little difference.

27. Do you use your real name? Do you have a code name that you go by? Both. Lee in Limbo is a nickname I adopted, sort of like Sleepless in Seattle, or Loveless in Lubock, but my given name is Lee Edward McIlmoyle. I am known thusly all over the internet, and sign my posts frequently.

28. Do you feel that the systems you use or have used were accessible? The only problem I can think of is the dire incompatibility betwee LJ and my MSN passort, which occasionally conflict. But then, the conflict between MSN and my Trillian interfaace is even more annoying, so I tend to blame MSN, not LJ.

29. Did you switch because of a problem of accessibility (if you did switch)? Haven’t switched.

30. Has there been different equipment that you have used to blog on only one system (e.g. such as a downloadable version vs an online one)? I tend to answer online, although I sometims respond via email notification, which is where my MSN hassles kick in. But I make all of my updates via my downloaded LJ client.

31. Is it AOL friendly? How about other systems (e.g. the penguin, the apple)? Never used AOL, Unix/Linux or, sadly, a Mac. I am in PC hell with Darth Gates.

32. How do you feel about the length of your entries? I use tags a lot.

33. Do you use many quizzes? How do you feel about them? I never use them. I sometimes play with other peoples’ toys, but mainly so I can make some witty comment for my friends’ amusement. I don’t actually approve of them. They are a total waste. But they can be amusing at times.

34. Do you have a webpage do you plug it on your blog? I sometimes link folks to work on my websites, but they need overhauling, so I don’t pimp the sites… just the work I post there for that express purpose.

35. Have you had bugs with in the equipment given to you by the system or on the system that enables you to blog? Does this make you mad? Would this ruin your day? Would you throw a hissy hit? Would you think about throwing your computer out of the window (even if you lived close to the ground level and had to walk up 3 flights of stairs to drop it so you would get more of a bounce and bonus satisfaction)? No. Only Windows makes me feel that way. LJ is just fine, by comparison.

36. Do you tell people to look at your blogs (Do you threaten their lives if they don’t want to)? I have tried to draw a bit more attention to some of my blogs, but have found it futile, and so have very recently ceased all blod-pimping activities and shut down comments features. I now use it primarily as Radio-Free Limbo.

37. Do people call you names because you blog? Hmmn. Not that I am aware of.

38. How do you feel about hackers on these systems are you on of them??? Hackers? Heh. If they have nothing better to do…

39. What’s up with emocons? Emoticons are a dreadful shortcut for ‘putting the eyebrows’ on a statement, to make sure your often pidgin english has communicated both the correct tone and subtext to a statement in the same manner tha tyour voice and body language might in a regular conversation. There are some pretty standard ones, and then some rather more exotic brands for just about every occasion. I still prefer simply writing complex expressions as stage directions, but use smiley faces and those mood titles a fair bit with close friends.

40. How do you feel on average looking back at your collection of emocons? I don’t collect them. My account only gives me a standard number of very basic little facial cartoons.

41. Do you listen to music just to say that you are listening to music? No. I do soemtimes tell folks what music is on my mind even when the music isn’t actually playing, though. My music experience allows me a pretty rich imagination. But mainly, I tend to bounce back and forth between stereo, winamp and dead silence.

42. Do you feel this is yet another way that the filthy capitalist’s view can be broadcasted because many times you need to just ‘go out and buy the music someone else is listening to’? Ummm… that’s pretty political. Anyone who comes over to my place gets submitted to a wide-ranging barrage of music, so my tagging my posts with songs or albums I am listening to is really just a personal thing. Frankly, it amazes and delights me that more people do it, and I love finding stuff I wouldn’t have had the sense to try on my own suggested to me by people whose tastes interest me.

Or do you feel that this is just a good way to get the word out about good music that you can dl on Morphus? Heh heh heh… I use WinMX. And frankly, I’m waiting for the music industry to recognize defeat and get a new paradigm. I didn’t download all of this crazy music to rip off artists OR stick it to the man; I did it because you just can’t get the stuff no more 🙂

43. How do you feel about people making comments about your entries? Sometimes do you shut that option off? I like comments for feedback. But I get weary of hoping to hear something I haven’t heard before, or only from hearing from my long-suffering girlfriend. No feedback = no point. So I’m withholding the function for the foreseeable future.

44. Do you feel that your journal portrays you well? As well as anything.

45. Do you share many interests with others? Writing, art, music, humour, sex… yeah, I’d say so.
46. Do you have some sort of a ‘paid account’? Why explain. I don’t have a paid account. Money thing. My ISP is already more than I can easily afford just now. When business gets better, perhaps.

And I explain because it’s a compulsion of my personality type 😉

47. How do you feel about free users? Pot calls kettle black, news at 11.

48. Do you think that they should all be pay sites? Why? People aren’t being paid to keep them, unless it’s a pay site for some exotic webcam girl. The rest of us are just generating vicarious web content for the curious, so there really isn’t a point in making us pay for the right to share what essentially is our own private self. NExt they’ll be charging me to breathe or speak in public 😉

49. Do you feel better after posting usually? What if you are depressed or upset does it help at all? I don’t recognize having a specific feeling upon completion of a post. Selecting a mood catagory for my posts is sometimes difficult. Mainly, I’m just content that I have emptied another most-likely useless bit of onderance from my brain so I can get back to what I laughingly refer to as my work.

50. How many entries have you done? 83, to date. 84, once this survey is finished.

51. Are there any other reason that it is important to have a blog? Does it help you in any other way than community? (e.g. to do list, memories, wish lists, polls…) I am actively digitizing my backlog of unpublished hand-written manuscripts, in much the same way that I keep free webspace to digitally archive unsold or unfinished pieces of artwork, or share demo recordings of my written songs and compositions. It’s a place for my stuff.

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