Where am I?

Just finished what I think might be the final draft of the Sun Nectars logo, but I’m not quite sure yet. Something feels forced about it, and I need time to reflect, so I guess I’ve got to grab something to eat and then get to work on Dan so I can assemble and print the damned brochure.

I have to say that, while I love the concept I went with for this one, some of the shortcuts I had to use to get the final result make me very unappy, and I’m highly inclined to try one or two more things just because I don’t think this version is as good as the one I concocted as the fill-in.

And it’s definitely not as cools what I would have achieved if I had more time to get the final draft done. I suspect that I will be doing that one on the side for me, and wait to see if and when he wants to buy the rights to the logos, and sell him my final versions. As it is though, I sort of suspect that this isn’t quite it.

L o L,
who expected something… better.