It’s a quarter after two in the morning, I’m still painting Dapper Dan (those pesky pixels take time to dry, you know 😉 ), eating slightly too-well done French Fries, washing it down with generic cola, and wondering what I have to do in this lifetime to get myself attacked by an obsessive-compulsive Swedish Masseuse… or the nearest equivalent.

I’ve also broken every promise I’ve made in the last two-to-three weeks, missed numerous deadlines, and ignored every other responsibility I may or may not have needed to see to since the year began.

If I didn’t have wonderful women in my life to pick up after me and kick my ass into gear, I’d no doubt be in an alleyway somewhere with shit stains in my pants and no money for a bottle of whiskey to erase my identity with.

I thank you all, you wonderful, beautiful ladies, family, friends and lovers, past present and whenever…

…You make me be.

L o L,
feeling reverent

Oh, and if you want to see part of what Dapper Dan is about, go here.