Thursday… the day of rest?

Okay, three things:

1) I was really tired last night, and didn’t do the following: *hugs and wishes her the very best of luck*

(your TRUE friends are allowed to be concerned and critical, hon… it WAS a surprise move and you knew it would be received with mixed reviews, elstwise you would NOT have been so quiet about the true nature of your relationship. But that’s ALL you’ll get out of me on that score, Katie)

2) I was supposed to go to an appointment/do stuff here that did not get done and may effect my financial state adversely if I can’t rectify it tomorrow.

3) I had a massive headache today and had to take a nap, this after sleeping in today. The only constructive things I did all day were take my dinner to a celebratory dinner and pick up my copy of Ellis and Doran’s Orbiter.

Oh yeah, and I got paid.

I have this to say about Orbiter:

I also picked up the latest issue of NewXmeN (with sublime art by Phil ‘Wonder Woman/Invisibles’ Jimenez), and the newest issue of Tom Strong (featuring SWEEEEEET art by Jerry Ordway).
I read most of Orbiter before the headache made it impossible to finish (I’ll be doing that moments after finishing this post), but managed to read all of NXM before the nap kicked in. So, who’s the more intense SF writer? Hmm?

Lee Edward McIlmoyle,
(aka The Lord of Limbo)
heading off to take more tylenol before the headache returns…

…and finish his Orbiter and Tom Strong