Here We Go Again

Ages ago, before blogging became an established form of communication and–let’s face it–self-promotion, I had a little website called The Sunday Afternoon Matinée. This was where I was trying to create and post artwork from a graphic novel eZine (remember those?) series I was going to write and draw all by my lonesome (I was the only artist I could afford. Some things haven’t changed).

Well, I wrote stuff, and I drew things, but in the fullness of time, the graphic novels did not materialize. For those of you who know me well, I know that this is something of a shocker for you.

What might also surprise you is that I haven’t actually given up on this idea. Some people collect limoge, some porcelain, some crystal, some pewter (hey, it takes all kinds). I collect projects.

Anyhow, hand-editting my first blog over on Geocities (remember those guys?) got to be such a chore that I eventually gave it up and moved over to LiveJournal, which has been my de facto home for almost a decade now. I’m not the most prolific blogger you’ll ever meet, but I do sometimes get very chatty. I need a pretty simple and elegant way to reach out to people when an idea I can’t keep in my head needs to be shared.

However, love LJ and my friends list though I do, I can’t help noticing that I have very, very few readers over there. The community has gotten very close knit there. I finally met a few really cool writers who don’t mind occasionally chatting with me. But their readerships are pretty well established, where mine is not really doing the job of helping build a creative career (sorry, gang. No offence meant, but seriously, you know it and I know it). LJ’s a nice, warm, dry place to care and share if you don’t spend too much time in the drama-filled gutters, but it’s just not a place where you network and build your readership.

At any rate, I’ve tried to put some distance between LJ and my career aspirations before, but it was a bit expensive back in those days, and sadly, the domain of will most likely be hosting a porn site or something in another week, because, as I may have alluded, I’m a little short of funds right now, due to a relatively dire lack of employment. I wouldn’t half mind it if some white knight would contribute a few bucks towards saving my old domain’s honour, but hey, this is the real world.

Right, so I’ll be finding ways to keep in touch with my friends on LJ. I’ll also be pointing to my numerous creative projects, many of which seem to have migrated to various WordPress-based blogs. And I’ll be linking all the cool stuff I write here (stop laughing, dammit!) all over the internet from now on, to build up that readership I’ve been fantasizing about all these years.

So, welcome to Lee in Limbo Blog mk 4. Let’s see how long we can keep this one afloat, shall we?

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