Just Another Blandish Monday

Good Morning, Campers!

Well, sort of a good morning. Well, no, not actually good at all.

See, my nausea-inducing headache is not quite gone, yet. I’m sitting here in my underwear, because anything more is uncomfortable. This is supposedly spring. Money’s been so tight, I’m afraid to drag the air conditioners out this soon. As it is, my wife has the big industrial strength fan blow on high, just to move the air around a bit.

The CRTC is still doing really stupid stuff that pretty much guarantees I’ll be paying more for less internet in the not-too-distant future.

Probably the only up things that have put a smile on my face are a photo of the smiling face of our good friend Jenn enjoying herself at an outdoor festival with friends, and the current Facebook profile picture of one of my old CBR friends, featuring the unspeakably sexy Christina Hendricks… which only saddened me to realize it’ll be another whole year before we get any more Mad Men, a TV show I have a weird Love/Hate relationship with.

See, I love the show. I found it for my wife and I to start watching (finding great new TV for us to watch is kind of my job; Dawn finds the old classics and I find new programming to try out). But the thing is, it periodically gets so downbeat depressing that I can’t always get in the mood to watch another episode just yet. This usually upsets my wife, who then goes on to watch it without me, because she’s more caught up in it than I am, and doesn’t have my delicate sensibilities. Same thing happened with The Tudors.

We’re in a slight deficit as far as good television is concerned. We’re been watching very old SNL and very new Doctor Who. We’ve run out of rock bios for me to saturate myself in. We got put off by the opening episode of The Fringe, which I keep hearing good things about, but can’t figure out how to reintroduce, as we tend to watch television over dinner, and an airplane full of rapidly-decaying people doesn’t really go well with chicken tikka masala.

I’m dawdling with the next segment of the video game blog, in part because I’ve been feeling lousy these past couple of days, but also because it’s been difficult to get a solid block of time in which to write without interruptions. Maybe I should just start doing a vlog instead. My wife likes those better, anyway.

Anyway, head’s still not feeling right, but I guess it’s time to sign off. Gonna go finish reading a preview of a cool upcoming adventure game called Alpha Polaris, and then find something to eat before I try to force myself to get some work done. Snuggles are exceedingly welcome today.

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