Crosstown Traffic

*REDACTED* (It’s never a good idea to vent your frustrations publicly when you’re feeling bone weary, folks. Remember the people you can inadvertently hurt with your thoughtlessness)

Anyway, I’m still working on my IS blog project, but I’m also starting to wind up into the project I promised myself I’d start working on this summer. Rather than start a new project, however, I’ve instead decided to go back and essentially finish an older project that’s been needing my attention: Metropolis Fallen.

You see, I learned quite by accident that the title I’ve been working with for this project over the last eighteen years or thereabouts has been used by not one but two authors in just the past few months. One of them even published an eBook of his first novel, which he claims is part of a series with the same title as my story, which has also been planned as serial in format, although not as a series of novels, thankfully. Sadly, this still does not solve my problem, which is that I have no copyright claim to the title. I may be on shaky legal ground here, and may have to admit defeat and create a new title. That will sadden me greatly. I’ve been working toward this project, with this title, for several years, and for very specific reasons. a name change threatens to change the nature of the project, which is equal parts gonzo IS and loving homage to a number of my sci-fi influences, and most especially the classic silent movie, Metropolis.

Anyway, I’ll be talking more about that and other dormant projects I’m planning on reviving in the days to come.

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