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Where’s My Brain

June 16, 2011

VFMD 2011 06 16a

I’m designing all sorts of stuff right now. I’m also photographing and/or scanning a lot of my old artwork (just the stuff worth seeing; I still have a lot of sketchy crap laying around, at least half of which should just be thrown out to make room, because I know I will never salvage those pieces for anything useful).

As a consequence, I’ve slowed right down on writing and blogging (which bothers me a great deal). I also have absolutely no idea when it will stop. I suppose when I make enough money to dig myself out of this hole I’m stuck in.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my current sitaution, and a little View From My Desktop, displaying my current fascination: Starstruck, by Elaine Lee and Michael William Kaluta, perhaps the coolest sci-fi comic ever written.

Take care of yourselves, and don’t forget to take water, wherever you’re going. That sun is murder.


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