First Sale!

Well, I didn’t get as many bids as I’d hoped for, but I did get one sale, and a very considerable one, to my mind:

Chicken set 01 Chicken set 02

The whole kit and kaboodle sold for $200.00 CAN, plus shipping and handling. I’ll be putting some finishing touches on these darlings once the glue dries, and then they’ll be packaged up safely and shipped to some foreign exotic clime, where I am assured tehy will be given a good home.

In light of the fact that this was my sole legitimate sale (a tee shirt I was told was ordered hasn’t been toted up on the RedBubble site yet, so I have no idea if it actually happened; I DO know that I won’t receive payment for it until I sell at least four more shirts, because they don’t issue payments through PayPal until you’ve accrued at least $20 profit. *sigh*), I’m having to extend the sale for a while. Fact is, unless I sell a handful more pieces, I’ll be in serious trouble with my creditors. The fun and exciting life of the struggling artist. So romantic. So carefree. So what?

Anyhow, I’ll be posting more original artwork for sale in the next few days. Just been busy designing shirts and plotting The Art of Words. Seeya soon.


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