Inner Resolve

Another piece from my distant past:


This was the most important piece of the bunch, for me. I loved several of them dearly, but for some reason, this one always took top honours for me. It’s hard to explain now. I guess that, in so many ways, it explains and defines so much of my artistic vision from that period. I was trying to evoke form and movement and narrative and dimension all within the confines of a blank sheet of heavy art paper that I later glued an extra piece of construction paper to for some rigidity. Not exactly archival stuff, but it was painted in acrylic, and despite some wear and tear, it’s held up pretty good. I should properly mount it and rehang it.

If you’ve ever wondered what a manic spree looks like, this might be a pretty good example. To me, it was just a statement of intent. Two decades later, it’s a pretty graphic representation of the state of my mind back in those turbulant days.

And now you can have one for yourself. Enjoy.


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