Short Update

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been busy keeping an eye on my wife, who hasn’t been well, and I’ve been running a lot of errands. Today I’m propped up in bed with a bad back, and I’ve got a blog entry in process for my music journal (which I will be cross-posting here) open on my desktop computer.

I have so many projects on the go, it’s hard to believe that I’m not really particularly manic at the moment. I’ve just been finding tiny bursts of energy and little sparks of inspiration, and it’s been hard not to at least take some notes and try to make plans. Days like these, I truly wish I had staff. How I would pay them is anyone’s guess, but at least I could assign the gruntwork to faithful companions and focus on getting ideas up and marching.

The tee shirt hocking project has kinda fizzled. I need to put some more energy into finding other venues for those designs, but I’ve been too tired, busy and not just a little disenchanted with the results thus far.

The great CvS art sale also met with little success. I sold off one set of designs I never managed to sell before, which was nice, but ultimately, no nibbles from anyone I didn’t already know and have a working relationship with. More promo work needed there, too, but it’s hard to justify doing all that work and getting not so much as the occasional little query.

I have plans enough to do no less than five novels, with ideas for more, several of which are already begun. I just need time and space. It’s hard to find time to write, even when I don’t seem to have anything but time. Time never seems to be my own, anymore.

Meanwhile, I’m almost finished watching all of David Suchet’s Poirot run again. Doctor Who has started back up, and I enjoyed Let’s Kill Hitler quite a bit. This season of Leverage is perhaps my favourite so far. Haven is pretty good. Haven’t checked out Warehouse 13 yet, but that’s probably next on the list. Been holding off watching Torchwood until the season is finished, so I can sit and absorb it properly. I didn’t enjoy the first two episodes, and it seems to me I’ll need to sit and watch it consecutively to appreciate it at all. Still missing Lie To Me. Still missing Mad Men. Didn’t care for The Pillars of the Earth, though Dawn liked it. Great actors, great premise, but somehow, it just left me cold. The Game of Thrones was far superior.

Haven’t been watching many movies, lately. Haven’t read any new books. Listened to a bit of new music, but nothing that’s grabbed me as much as the recent Yes album. Hopefully that will change with the new Big Wreck album this fall, or the next Jon Anderson album, with Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin, due next year.

I created a new band logo for a recording project I’ve been thinking about. I’ve been thinking of it as a Thesis album, but really, there’s been little time or contact with Gary recently, and the songs I’m planning are pretty much all mine this time around (even though there are a number of Etcetera-era and Thesis-era songs involved, written or co-written by other members who are totally not using them right now) and I’ve been talking to and thinking of working with other people, in an informal, internet-based way. I’d like to get a new band started, but really, I have no functional musicians at my ready disposal.

Anyway, back to the salt mines. Thanks for reading.

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