Weekend Update: Old Made Newt

Odd, quiet day. Feel like something more is supposed to be happening, but everyone is busy doing other things entirely without us, so not so much, I guess.

Laundry needs to be washed again. Need more cat kibble. Bank account is empty. Another month of last-week scrounging. Scrounging is getting hard to do, as our cupboard stores are just about depleted. It’s been a rough year, and the credit card bills are the worst of it.

I’ve been trying to make eBooks out of my old fiction, and that’s coming along pretty well, except that a few stories I really want to include need to be polished and–well, let’s call it what it is–finished. I’ve got five or six volumes of stuff, one of which I’ve already released through Smashwords, called Terminal Monday: Under Observation.

It’s a novella-length chapter taken from the fricking huge Terminal Monday novel I’m hoping to ePublish later this year, once I’ve finally sorted out a couple of sections I muddled the location of. Turns out simple surgical work has straightened up one chapter, but I’ve still got about two or three more that need love, and I’ve gotten distracted with those unfinished shorts I’ve collected.

Another one of those collections is pretty near everything I’ve written or transcribed from hand-written manuscripts and notes on the LINK Continuum to date, and the collection is nearly novel length, which is a happy discovery. I plan on transcribing a few more things to add to the pile and calling it LINKTales Volume One. I may put out a shorter volume next year, featuring notes and scripts for The Sunday Afternoon Matinee, my long-unrealized graphic novel series.

It would be much cooler if I could simply finish all of these stories in the forms they were intended, but really, I’m coming to the point where I realize I’m forty and still haven’t been published properly in any form. It’s time to just let go and move on, hoping that releasing these things in this form will help build some kind of readership and an income of sorts. Some people are doing quite well by eBooks at the moment, so it seems a good time to give it a spin, since I’ve had so little luck with traditional publishers, but haven’t yet conceded that my work is therefore unworthy.

Another collection, containing my stray horror, suspense and macabre bits, to be called Poison Pen Letters from Limbo, will contain a chapter from The Bride of War, which I think stands alone pretty nicely and fits the theme. I think I also excerpted a bit from one of the other novels, but I’m not sure which one, as I haven’t looked at that collection since Thanksgiving. There’s also a bit I wrote to answer a question Auntie Beast asked many months ago, which was of no use to her (of course), but which kept coming back to me as this strange thing that needed an audience to admire it. So I decided it would go here.

The Back Roads of Limbo is a more general collection of shorts and false started novels that I’ve really wanted to share and get some feedback on for years, including a lovely short story I wrote for my dear friend [info]sabaceanbabe a few years ago. It’s got a couple of bits from the LINK Continuum, but it also has the chapters and bits I wrote for my unrealized gonzo epic spy movie homage novel, The Weight of the World, a story I keep drifting back to, despite the fact that absolutely nobody wants me to write it. *shrug* I’m hoping that adding them to this collection might get readers requesting I finish it.

I’m putting my naughty bits into a collection called Hot Nights in Limbo, including the rather unbelievable orgy chapter from Terminal Monday. I had a few too many pretty interesting but very saucy stories laying around that simply didn’t belong in these other collections, so I decided to give them one of their own. I don’t expect it to do anything, though with my luck, it’ll probably be the only one that sells at all, and my saddest prediction, that I’ll wind up writing for Penthouse Letters, will have more or less come true.

I’m also starting back to work on Author Unknown, though that’s a long way from being ready. Maybe next year, along with other novels like The Devil’s Cabinet Maker, The Uninvited Guest and the next Richard Burley novel. I’m putting out Infinite Redress, the first act of Ashes as a standalone novella, once I’ve finished editing it to make sure I haven’t left any stray hints that it started life as a piece of Farscape fanfic. The story really didn’t work as fanfic, but it makes great original sci-fi if you take out the handful of name-drops I used to (weakly) tie it to known Farscape canon. Plus, I’d really like to see if I can create some buzz for it, so I can justify getting back to work on the rest of the novel.

And of course, I’ll be putting out The Bride of War, once I get it polished up. I’m hoping it will be ready by Christmas. I’ve typed those exact words before, though. We’ll see.

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve been up to. I’m going the self-publishing route, and plan to have stuff up on Smashwords and Amazon and whatever else I’ll be permitted to use. I’d have gone Amazon straight away, but they don’t pay through PayPal, and won’t pay directly to Canadian banks, so I chose Smashwords for the nonce, because they basically deal with everybody who handles eBooks, but they’re pretty fussy about formatting. It’s been over a week and they still haven’t approved my novella for wider distro. *le sigh*

Anyway, I’ll be talking more about stuff as it happens.


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