Today’s Mission…

…should you choose to accept it, is to finish transcribing the novels you started writing and never finished about twenty years ago. You must ignore the fact that the writing is not of the standard you currently hold for your work. You must also ignore the fact that, charming though the voice is, it is a young voice that clearly has little to say that actually resonates with anything other than itself.

That is, after all, the reason you stopped writing and took that nearly-ten-year hiatus from prose writing, wasn’t it? Because you wanted to wait until your voice matured and your worldview wasn’t aimed so obviously at your navel? Well, you got your wish in spades, but there was a bargain you made back then with your younger self. You promised that kid you’d go back and pick up where you forced him to leave off, and he’s been waiting for such a very long time.

Yes, I know you have lots of other things to write, and no, I’m not saying you should set aside everything and focus on finishing those old novels. They’re not ready yet, and as you surmised back then, they weren’t the right novels to start a career with anyway. But the point is, you haven’t even taken the time to finish transribing the old manuscripts, and the papers they were written on are starting to look pretty ragged.

It’s well and truly past time to sit down and focus on preservation, so you’ll at least have soemthing legible to come back to when it’s finally time to brush off the cobwebs and make these old novels work properly. You waited twenty years longer than originally planned to get the ball rolling, and it’s high time you started taking stock and make the best of what you’ve been sitting on all this time.

Make it so.


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