Knock Me Down And I Get Back Up

So I’ve started a new experiment to see if what I’ve been seeing is true; I’ve had the feeling lately that I’ve been quietly marginalised and dismissed as irrelevant. All of the stuff I’ve done in the last few months has been ignored by almost everybody except a few people I know personally. The occasional kind word from acquaintances, but in general, just no fire.

So I started a new blog. Not the most proactive way to go about it, but I figured I’d try on a new suit and see if it drew onlookers. So far, the new blog has had over a dozen views and two comments from someone I’ve never spoken with before.

I’m not being judgmental here. I just have to be realistic about what’s been going on with my attempts to get my name out there. I know I spread myself a bit thin, but really, what else can you do when you feel like you’ve stood still too long and lost too much ground?

Anyway, I’ll make a point of continuing to post on the other journals, simply because those projects are dear to me, but for those who want to have something to read on a daily basis, You might find this page interesting: EDDIE MACK AVENUE

The object of the new blog is to talk about stuff that interests Eddie, including writing and his fictitious career as a mid-list survivor. He has an agent and an editor and all of the trappings of an embittered, forgotten novelist. And he’s also a pen name of mine that I’ve been using infrequently for twenty years or thereabouts, so it’s not actually a new thing.

I first introduced Eddie Mack in the pages of the unfinished novel LinkBeing: Facet, where Eddie was one of the more pedestrian versions of The Author, since he was essentially the older, wider version of me who had made a living as a pulp novel hack of some repute. I say that with the greatest of affection, because really, I’ve long held a slightly romantic notion of what it would be like to be in my forties or fifties, after having sold numerous pulp adventure stories to magazines and television.

It’s ludicrous, but part of me has always loved the idea of having been a true slogging writer who cranks out adventures on a daily basis. I try to put more effort into it these days, but for years, I’ve felt like the career I was supposed to have was happening to somebody else because I hadn’t made the all-important step of simply sitting down in the chair and staying there for twenty years writing whatever came into my head, and then selling them for whatever I could get.

So now I’m doing it, and to try to drum up some of the attention that has been carefully diverted away from me, I’ve started a new blog to drop hints about the new work in a more regular, and let’s face it, calculated fashion. We’ll see if this experiment bears fruit in time.

Meanwhile, for those just tuning in, GO BUY MY NOVELLA, DAMMIT!

Thanks for reading,


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