Things Are Happening

The Eddie Mack Avenue experiment seems to be working as I’d hoped; one post a day around noon every day this week, and my audience has effectively doubled from the impressive start count. So yeah, maybe there is something in this daily posting thing, but I’ll tell you, if I had to write a new blog for every one of my projects on a daily project, I’d have no time left to actually write what I’m talking about.

In other news, I am listening to old Canadian New Wave Rock, and I have to say, it’s aged better than I’d hoped. Gordon Deppe and Sandy Horn are still working together as Spoons, and I have to say, I’m happy they are.

Almost finished the dishes. It had to be a domestic day because I’ve been having trouble focusing today, and got almost no work done at all after writing Eddie’s article.

Body aches and body temperature fluctuations. I don’t want to play the hypochondriac card, but still, it does rather seem I’m in rough shape, and that’s not just my oversized gut I’m referring to.

Time to finish the dishes. Thanks for reading. More pertinent information coming soonish.


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