An Observation and a Suggestion

As I sit here plugging away at finishing up LinkTales volume One, listening to Richard Wright and sipping Earl Grey tea, I wonder what my reader friends are doing. It occurs to me that they’re all probably terribly busy, and yet, knowing how folks get on the weekend, it’s also possible that they’re ducking out of a family or social gathering to get a few minutes of fresh air and relaxation.

So it comes to me that I could offer them something to do, if they wanted to do me a favour: read the preview of my novella, and then tell me what they think when they’ve got a moment. The preview is only 26 pages long, and the novella is a mere 113 short pages, which you could probably read in an hour or two, with perhaps a nice glass of beer or wine nearby. It’s a darned sight nicer than taking the kids to the fun park or scrambling for a parking spot at Costco.

So that’s my suggestion for today: Try my novella. I happen to think it’s a good read. If you agree with me, why not write a review of it, and drop me a note so I can read your review. Hey! If you read the preview and decide to review the book THIS WEEKEND, I’ll even send you a copy of the whole novella for free! How’s that for a deal?

Anyway, I’ve got more writing to do. Drop me a line if you’re curious.


ETA (2011/11/14): This deal is no longer being honoured. Sorry. Wish you could have taken part.

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