Love Hurts (No, Really)

So, about an hour or so ago, my wife came into the apartment with a five-pack of 90-minute cassettes that hadn’t been unwrapped, which she handed to me, chuckling to herself. She then suggested that I put the latest band album material on cassette for Gary, to mess with his head. I chuckled with her, but had to admit for a second that I wasn’t sure if I could, until it occurred to me that I could waste a CD and simply tape whatever I squeezed onto the CD, just for laughs.

But then Dawn admitted her real scheme, which was to get me to back up a handful of my oldest demo cassettes, as she was quite sure those old cassettes must be degraded to a terrible extent. Ten minutes of testing cassettes proved her right. So I selected one I’d been a little worried about and started copying it. The first side came out alright, but sure enough, the second side has a warp pretty much all of the way through it that is making the volume go up and down and occasionally garbles the sound, which is a shame because there are actually a few nice little sketches of keyboard ideas I came up with, and several of these alter ones are barely audible at points.

The sound is so dodgy and annoying in parts that I have sworn to throw this cassette out once I’ve copied it. The copy will also have the ruined sound, but at least it will be preserved for a few more years while I search for another cassette-to-PC toy to finish the ripping and preserving project, and thence discard the cassettes forevermore. I spent almost thirty years with the buggers, and have no desire to prolong the agony any longer than necessary, now that I have gone digital. You will pry my digital 16 track from my cold, dead hands, you hear me.

Anyway, thankfully, it seems that the cassette has largely normalized, and just in time for one of my earliest multi-track demos, for a song I don’t recall doing anything with. Heh.

Thanks for reading. It’s been gratifying having people come to read me again. I may have to do this more often.



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