One More, and Then I’ve Got To Go

Okay, the old rule (‘old’ as in a few years ago, award-winning sci-fi/fantasy novelist Elizabeth Bear used to write this in her blog) ‘Five Things Makes a Post’, so here goes:

1) I am not the only writer in this household. My wife, who is twice as smart and ten times funnier than me, writers great book reviews and maintains a blog over HERE. She writes about all kinds of stuff that I only crack little jokes about or skim over because I’m crap at them. If you want to learn about crap, by all means, stay with me, I get lonely. But if you want to learn about REAL stuff, go read her; she’s brilliant.

2) I have that thing some people get where, when they’ve been listening to somebody with an accent or a funny manner of speech for too long, they start talking like that themselves. You ever get that? I get it all the time. Pisses me off. But it also makes me a lot of fun to have sex with. Or it would, if I were any good in bed. Which my wife can tell you all too little about.

3) When I first learned about Eddie Izzard, it was through the movie Mystery Men, and I had no idea who he was. For years after that, I still had no idea. Then just a couple of years ago, my wife (you remember my wife, right?) got on an Eddie Izzard kick, and I was all ‘Stand-up comedy died when Dennis Miller started hosting football and Republican conventions, boo hoo’, but she was ‘No, everyone who I think is funny says this guy is really funny, and he’s on Youtube and he’s funny, here, watch’ and I did and he was and she won as usual and now I’m a HOPELESS ADDICT! I mean that, I will watch ANYTHING this man does. His running thing? Watched it. His Mongrel Nation thing? Watched it. Every bit of filmed stand up, watched it twice. So yeah, NEED MORE EDDIE!

4) The other funny Brit we’ve been overdosing on is Stephen Fry, who’s become a bit of a Twitter Whore and will shill pretty much anything that tickles his shiny bone, but his writing cracks us up, and his work with Hugh Laurie was brilliant, apart from all the bits in Jeeves and Wooster where Hugh and Fry are NOT on screen together, but hey, we made it to the end, so that’s all that matters. Watched damn near everything he’s put on television over the years, and demand more! Get back to work you lazy bastard! Yeah right, Stephen Fry’s twitter is so constantly bombarded with his latest activities, you can practically taste his mental state. Which brings me to…

5) The thing about Stephen Fry that I love the most is that he’s openly… you’re waiting for me to say gay, but that’s not it. See, I’m not gay–only slightly Bisexual–so that’s not that big a thing with me. But he’s also openly Bipolar, and that is a HUGE thing with me, because the last two decades of my life have been an outrageous struggle to make something of myself despite the constant setbacks presented to me by this strangely contradictory disease.

I’ve begun to notice that I really resonate best with artists and musicians who make stuff that feels like the way my brain works, and it always strikes me as incredible thing when actors and writers and artists and musicians who have impressed or influenced me have come out and said they are Bipolar. I don’t mean to be all ‘ONE OF US’ about it, but when I hear those golden words, I just smile and go, ‘There! That’s why I like hir work so much! sHe’s Bipolar! Of course! We speak the same language!’

And it is like speaking a different language, but like it’s a sort of invisible code where you have to detect patterns in their interviews and such that identify them, and then you have to go look at everything they’ve done in the last twenty to thirty years, which you’ve already been doing without thinking, because they’ve been working at the same speed as you, so you noticed them all along, and then you go AH HA!

There needs to be a bigger Bipolar social network, where we can all kind of compare notes and figure out how to really get through things without self destructing. It’s becoming so much more visible now, I just wish we weren’t all sort of ashamed to speak about it.

So there you have it: five things. Thank you, and now go read my wife’s blog, because she’s got recipes, and I’ll bet you’re a little hungry now after having read this. Only don’t try the onion soup, because it’s delicious but I can’t stand the stuff.

Good night.


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