Running Up That Road

I feel like I’ve run a marathon, and all I’ve done is finish a couple of short chapters of a story that should have been completed eight years ago, and then do a crap load of social networking. I seem to be running out of steam. Problem is, I can’t sleep during the day. Too much noise and light for my manic little brain to relax in.

In other news, it seems entirely likely that yesterday’s high score will be broken by the end of the day. Given that this is the weekend, when traditionally nobody reads my blogs, I have to admit, I’m perplexed, amazed and grateful. I have just one question: where have you guys been?

On a final, sadder note, I’m growing extremely tired of playing with formatting in Scrivener, because the files it compiles are miles of piles of crap. *sigh*

Anyway, not sure what I’m going to do today. Maybe knock off and rest for the rest of the day and get myself back on track tomorrow.

Probably be back in an hour to see if I’ve cracked 111 hits, because really, I can be that lame sometimes.

Wait, I’m not allowed to say ‘lame’ anymore, right?

Hope your weekend has been good. Feel free to go read my novella and write me a mini review if you’re looking for something interesting to do.


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  1. Well, of course you’re *allowed* to say “lame”, but as a writer, surely you’ve figured out that “unable to walk” isn’t a terribly good synonym for “a little obsessed with website traffic”, right?

    On a happier note, good job.

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