Doctor, Doctor, Gimme The News

Just got back from escorting my wife to the doctor’s office to have a look at her ear, which it seems her sinuses have been backing up into, causing swimmer’s ear symptoms. She’s fine, but needs to take Advil Cold and Sinus for a few days to see if it will clear up. We also grabbed a ‘lolly pop’ package of Scunci hair ties, which I have never seen before. My wife has keen eyes, even when she is dazed from having shots.

We had to hang around a bit longer because they were also giving out flu shots, which I wanted nothing to do with. I’m not anti-shots; I’m just anti-needles.

We left the doctor’s office just in time for the rain to start coming down, and were half soaked by the time we reached the drug store and the grocery store. We picked up a frozen lasagna (PC brand; haven’t tried that brand of lasagna yet. My report alter) and some shortbread cookies for my wife, who needs coddling.

Now I’m listening to Crowded House and sipping cold coffee, and wondering if I’m going to settle down and do some work this afternoon.

Hope everyone is doing okay today. Seems like a good day to be indoors and bundled up warm, and it’s not even snowing here yet.

That’s five things: The Bear’s Rule has been met. More later, probably.


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