Keep On Growing

So, Dawn‘s at the pool and I’m sitting here with a slightly sore back (that the small glass of cola probably hasn’t helped one bit; time for the naproxen), listening to Derek & the Dominoes, the one-off side project Eric Clapton recorded back around 1970 with a small handful of people he basically never worked with again, but which stands as one of his finest recordings. This is the album that Bell Bottom Blues and Layla come from, if you’ve never heard it, and I have to say, if you haven’t and you actually enjoy grooving to great blues rock, you need to listen to this album. I’ve been in the midst of a crash into a depressive state, and this album has cheered me right up. Still not good enough for any work, but I might at least be sociable when my wife gets in.

Eric needs to make another album like this. Comes to that, I need to hear more albums like this right now. Might have to load up the Hendrix next.

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry no one took me up on the whole free-novella-with-your-review deal. I kinda hoped that would get a few more people interested in reading the full novella. Maybe I WILL try that deal again someday, but for now, I think I’m just gonna take it as read that no one is interested in my novella at the moment. Maybe after I’ve released the next few books…

In other news, it’s chilly and wet outside, and frankly, I’m just glad Dawn made me pick up the lasagna before coming home, because there is no way I’m going out there. I’m just gonna grab a shower, slip into something warm and fuzzy (shut up!), and maybe read one of the free short stories or novellas I’ve downloaded from Smashwords. With any luck, the lasagna will actually be good, and Dinner/TV Time with my mate won’t be disappointing.

I should be working, but the work wants nothing to do with me tonight. I’ll keep you posted. LinkTales volume One should be posted at Smashwords in a couple of days, if Rod doesn’t veto before then.

Good night.


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