The Man Who Murdered Love

Okay, quick recap: this weekend saw the most traffic this blog has ever seen, and most of it was for a post called ‘Love Hurts (No Really)’. I could hotlink you to it, but really, what’s the point? Most of you have read it by now, and discovered that it has very little to do with love or hurting, unless you’re my wife, who had to listen to that muck.

The extraordinary thing is, it was heavy traffic on a weekend. Now, back in the summer, was getting in and around 350 hits a day for a handful of days. It was freaky and brilliant and highly validating. However, I had to slow down on posting and got caught up in some plans to bring some money into the household (which didn’t pan out as much as I’d hoped, save for the fine person who bought my cartoon chicken… but I digress). As a consequence, readership of LimboInteractive has never recovered.

Now, when I started preparing these book things of mine, I was thinking to myself that I’d need to get more readers if ever I was going to make any money from the books. Seemed like elementary math to me. So as I got close to the release date of LinkTales volume One (there is no release date, actually; it’s more of a release period), I figured I needed to breathe new life into my blogs. So I… created a new blog. When you read it like that, it sounds kind of desperate, really.

The thing of it is, it worked, and better than I’d hoped for, because I figured all of the traffic was going to be at the site. Well, this weekend changed that.

110 hits on Saturday. 234 hits on Sunday. LimboInteractive saw more traffic in one day (I think the record was something like 372 hits or some such), but never, ever on a weekend. Weekends were always dead. So this weekend was very impressive. Except for one small, minor detail: only one person linked from the blog to my novella, Terminal Monday: Under Observation. As well, only one person bought a copy of the novella this weekend. I thank that person unreservedly. I didn’t even have anyone take me up on the free-ebook-with-your-mini-review deal. Doughnuts.

However, it does leave me thinking something isn’t working here. I may need caffeine and breakfast to sort this one out. And it’s time to get dressed and make the coffee. I’ll be back later. We need to talk.


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