I Didn’t Mean To Take Up All of Your Sweet Time

I’ve been up since about a quarter past four. Heartburn. I’m an old man. Body’s breaking down a little more every year. Yes, there are medications I could be taking for this, but frankly, I’m already on so many different medications, it’s just not as much fun taking meds. In truth, I was taking Pepcid AC for a while, and Zantac after that, but those are expensive. Getting an appointment with my family doctor is like climbing Kilimanjaro, and getting that office of his to do anything more than getting me in to see him is like waging a major campaign in the Balkans. So getting a prescription that’s covered under ODSP is something I have yet to find heart enough to do.

So, I’m sitting here trying to fix the metadata on a number of ebooks I have in my Calibre program. I will have to get my hands on an eReader some day.

Listening to the late Buddy Miles sing Them Changes with A Band of Gypsies. I’ve loved this song since I first heard it as the opening to The 51st State, with Samuel L. M.F. Jackson, Emily Mortimer and Robert Carlisle (if I spelled that right). Just a personal fave of mine. I have a thing for ultra-cool cult classics.

It occurs to me that I need to finish editing the Ashes: Infinite Redress novella, so I can get that published as well. should only take a pass through to make sure it’s as fixed as it needs to be, but for some reason, I’ve been stuck on other books. Weird that I keep forgetting to set it up, considering it’s been ready to go longer than any of these others. It’s really just the bulk of what was originally intended to be Act One of a three act novel, but I’m starting to think I’m going to serialise it instead. I like the idea of having a proper 80-110K sci-fi novel out there, but something tells me that boat has sailed. and anyway, it was inspired by another sci-fi television series, so it might just be cooler to have it work a bit like my idea for the Author Unknown series.

I wrote a review of Elizabeth Bear’s The Stratford Man duology earlier, as well. It’s over HERE. The books are much better than my review, though. My wife‘s reviews are much better.

Time I got to work on something.

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