Loud… Too Loud… You Can’t Hear Over It

Don’t bother Googling the tile. It’s a line borrowed from a song I wrote years ago that almost certainly is no longer online anywhere in lyrical form. Actually, gimme a second to confirm that…

Nope, apparently not. Here, lemme fix that:


BREATHE [1][2][3]

Too Loud
You can't hear over it
So hard
Need to cut through it
Can't wait
And just can't sit through it
And wide
There has to be a way to get round
To the truth in the sound
You look as if you have drown
And your shell has just run aground.

A new solution has to be found
What you need is all around
Just take it in
Just take it in
Just take it in

Too proud
Just can't tell you anything
So grand
You're ready to do something
Good luck
You've bet nearly everything
And quake
At the thought that you may lose it all
If you should begin to fall
And you don't know who to call
When your back is against the wall.


Real love
ahhh ahhh...
So free
ahhh ahhh...
Hard truth
ahhh ahhh...
Have faith
ahhh ahhh...


© 1997, 1998 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
from the album And Sew Fourth

So yeah, a song I wrote years ago, using a musical motif Derrick, Dave and I originally jammed together into a big piece we called Monte’s Birthday Suite, though the riff itself came from the section we’d been calling The Hunting. Don’t roll your eyes at me; what would you call a song with a riff like that IF IT WAS YOUR SONG AND YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WAS CRAP? 😉

Anyway, I told you that story to tell you this one: I was out today with my wife and my mother, and spent many hours amongst animals, which my lungs decided to veto, only, you know, a bit late. So the day I planned to spend editing my other complete novella, Ashes: Infinite Redress, was largely spent trying to get some air into my lungs.

If you can at all avoid it, try not to get old. It doesn’t work nearly as well as advertised.

So, I figure tomorrow I’ll be back to it steadily, along with publishing LinkTales volume One, which I’ve had no complaints about yet. I’m just feeling too ragged to do any serious work tonight. Might even call it an early night, due to  having woken up at 4 AM with heartburn.

When I told my mother about these plans, her only request was for more Sterling Carcieri, which I have been waiting to get back to work on because of how much work that series is going to be. Anyone who says mothers are an easy audience don’t know my mom. She’s cool, but she does not care if I write something unless it’s actually damned good.

Anyway, think I’ve exhausted my list of topics, save that my older (little) brother Troy has taken to reading my Wolverine-heavy X-Men graphic novels. I foudn that weird, but I suspect I should be happy that he’s interested in something I actually give a damn about. The sports thing has been killing me, and just how much music can I burn to disc for him that he doesn’t know how to put on his ipod yet?

Possibly Goodnight.


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