It’s Not Because of You

So, another fairly early morning, but at least the sun is rising, so it doesn’t feel as early, yaknowhatImean? I have this pair of irrepressible cats who know how easy it is to wake me and get my attention in the morning. Our resident panther, who was awarded the name ‘Lucky’ after he had been rescued from a local native reservation, likes to play with those little plastic jingle balls. He prefers the red ones. And when he gets bored and needs prey to chase, he starts batting one around, regardless of whether his monkeys are asleep or not, which in my case usually means only one of us is asleep. And of course, the minute I’m on my feet, I have the long haired resident ocelot rubbing against my legs, which as it turns out is a sensation that makes me irritable. But ocelots won’t be denied.

Listening to some songs recorded by Ian Thornley that I’ve never heard before. It has occurred to me on more than one occasion to say this, but I think I will actually declare it here for the record: Ian Thornley is one of the best composers, singers and guitar players of my generation. I’m not even sure that needs to be qualified by saying he’s Canadian, although it certainly doesn’t hurt. I don’t really think of myself in terms of nationalistic fervour, but I find that Canadian composers communicate in a way that other songwriters don’t, even when we’re aping some popular style from below the 49th or from ‘across the pond’. Canadians do everything different, but we still get it oh-so-right. Well, sometimes. I can’t explain Justin Beiber or that band Headley to you. Even Avril Lavigne has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. But hey, they can’t ALL be good, or we’d have been invaded by now.

These Thornley songs sound pretty excellent, but they’re not in the best shape, as I hear little artifacts here and there, as if the tracks aren’t complete. Right now, I’m listening to a cover of The Cars’ Let The Good Times Roll, which is an old favourite of mine. It’s really cool because it’s both incredibly faithful AND still bears the distinctive Thornley sound, which I think is a pretty neat trick.

So, today I’m going to wrestle with a table of contents for two ebooks and give one of them a last readthru to see if I accidentally left in any obvious TV show references… and then I publish them. I should be able to get them up on Smashwords relatively quickly, now that I know what NOT to let Scrivener or MS Word insert into my documents. I also think I’ll be putting them up through Amazon’s direct publishing deal, since there are no graphic sex scenes in either for the censors to complain about (there are some vaguely sensual scenes, but no actual sex; fade to black).

Under Observation doesn’t have much in the way of pornography, but there are a few scenes that involve sexuality in pretty intense ways, including one sexual torture scene and one bathroom fumble. However, I feared that might be enough to dissuade Amazon from publishing me, so I didn’t bother to put that one up through their direct publishing imprint. I should still see some Amazon distribution through Smashwords in the next week or two, if I understand how their distribution deals work. We’ll see.

These little artifacts are saddening me. I’ll have to try opening these Thornley files on my PC to see if they’re corrupt there as well.

Alright, I guess it’s time to get to work. Thanks for reading. Oh yeah, and please go buy my nasty little novella. I’ve got a Visa bill that needs paying down.


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