I Walk Along The City Streets You Used To Walk Along With Me

Well, another early morning, I’ve written two blog entries so far, and I’m thinking third time’s the charm, right? Thank goodness I have graphical hit meters to artificially inflate my flagging self esteem with now and then. Thank you, WordPress, for making my blogging addiction almost as addictive as playing WoW.

Oh yes, I used to play World of Warcraft. Did it for three or four years, actually. Ran a couple of guilds, even. We were kind of hardcore casual with a side of silly just to keep things fun. When the guild broke up due to lack of progress –some members I hadn’t elected started exerting authority–we found ourselves alone again. We ultimately joined a friend’s guild, but that didn’t work out too well either, so finally, my wife and I decided to walk away.We haven’t been back about two years. As much as I miss the world travel, I don’t miss the BS of having to keep up with the Jones’s. Min/maxing was never my thing. I play to play with my friends, who were damned good players. We weren’t as dependent on our gear being tweaked just so.

But I’m not bitter.

Mmm… Ragin’ Ranch Chips by Herr’s are so tasty.

Right, so, why not go back to WoW now? Well, because they broke the damned game for hybridisation, and that means there really isn’t a game for me to come back to.

Plus, really, I’ve always wanted to play a different kind of MMO. I don’t really want to play another straight up MMORPG. Not even Star Wars. Myst Online tried to do an MMOAG, which I was all about, but it sort of failed because there simply wasn’t enough to do and there weren’t enough new puzzle ages for the players, and team puzzles with servers that are international does not get the job done. And don’t talk to me about MMORTS. I’d rather watch paint dry.

No, what I want is an MMOAAG. An adventure MMO with action in it, to keep things interesting. Not so much constant combat, which i fear is going to take some of the fun out of The Secret World for me when it comes out, but the whole world seems pretty involved, with lots of stuff to do besides kill stuff, so that might work. But yeah, MMOAAG… if it doesn’t come into existence, I’ll have to see about inventing it myself.

I should be saving some of this rant for LimboInteractive.

I think that, just maybe, the Lorazepam is starting to work. Gonna go give flatness another try. Seeya.


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