Like The Dust That Settles All Around Me

Okay, so it’s a Genesis reference this time, even though I’m actually listening to Steve Hackett’s first solo album. Steve wasn’t big on standout lyrics back then. Still, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to this album, so it feels good. It certainly sounds good.

I, on the other hand, feel tired. Again. The Lorazepam gave me a slight hangover that didn’t face until half way through Gary’s visit, so we banged through about three or four songs we’ve been rehearsing, discussed a few others, and I spent a bit too much time copying chords from his version of the chord sheet for Lady In The Field and Dinner Date, two songs we’re discussing recording for The Whole Other Half. I also asked my wife to transcribe Gary’s sole handwritten copy of the lyrics to See Your Smile (Baby Blue Eyes), a song he wrote entirely on his own. I haven’t even polished up his lyrics. Yet.

It has crossed my mind that the reason almost nobody has bought my book is because most folks have no interest in reading about people who have to go to the hospital to get their heads sorted out. Am I right? Does Richard’s strangely feelgood story of his visit to the psych ward leave most of you cold? If it’s true, it saddens me in a way I can’t express fully. Of all the things I’ve written over the years, I’m still most proud of Under Observation. So if it turns out that people aren’t buying it because they don’t trust me that it’s a good story, then not only am I hurt, but I’ve actually wasted over a month trying to convince people to give it a try. *sigh*

It just occurred to me that the titles for Voyage of the Acolyte are all terms taken from Tarot. I find this amusing, as I have been making an informal study of Tarot for a couple of projects of my own, including a comic project I’m hoping to get to work on some time in the next couple of years, if I can just squeeze it in around all of this novel writing. There are not enough of me to go around, but I like to think I could fill a large house with the many alternate realities of me that would be needed to get all of my ideas sorted out and turned into something useful. There are simply not enough hours in a day.

Okay, I need to go make a coffee or something and get back on Infinite Redress and LinkTales. They’re so close to ready, I can almost taste it.


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