Oh To Touch the Dream

Gonna have to make this a short one, because we’re expecting company. My songwriting partner Gary is coming over. We might even get some work done, though with my head in the shape it’s in, I somehow doubt it.

As some of you may have noticed, I was up pretty early. Well, I took a pill to help me get back to sleep, and it’s a pill I don’t like to take too often because I wake up as one of the living dead. A joy to behold, I’m sure.

So of course, instead of gulping down some pain killers with my tea, I’m listening to Dream Theater play Led Zeppelin and typings another blog post. I hope you folks appreciate the pains I go to in order to amuse you.

Oh, so you’re NOT amused. Well, that’s another matter. I suppose a quick death scene would please you more, right? Sadists.

Okay, I haven’t released those two books yet. The files are giving me headaches and I still have to get the tables of contents in there before I can let them go in any case. I need a ToC button. *nods*

Alright, that’s the door. Back a little later, when my head is cleared and Gary’s gone again.


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