It’s Too Late, She’s Gone

Well, another quiet day and another article to fire off into the silent void. I’ve started working on the file for Terminal Monday, in part because of the Richard Burley short story over at Eddie Mack Avenue, and in part because of that cover I prepared earlier in the week. The next book due to go out is actually Infinite Redress, but I felt drawn to Terminal Monday today.

About that cover: I did it myself. I do all of my covers. That might seem foolish to anyone who has been writing for years, but the thing is, I’m a professional graphic designer, so really, doing my own cover comes quite easily to me. The only one that is giving me trouble is The Bride of War, because the art director (aka me) wants the designer (also me) to hire an illustrator to do a fancy bit of illustration, and the only illustrator I have on staff is me, and I’m a notoriously slow and fussy illustrator.

There are actually a number of ideas I’d like to work on, but it really requires that I sit down with a sketchbook and render some concepts until i settle on the one that works for me. The problem with that is, I have no one to take over the writing and editing part while I go handle the drawing part. Perhaps I should formalise a few of these ideas by writing them out for your amusement. That might help to make them seem a little more real, and thus approachable.

One idea, the oldest, involves a dragon blasting its liquid metal breath at an army of spear-men, bowmen and cavalry.

The second, a little newer, involves the dragon back-lit by a full moon on a snowy evening approaching the Tavern in the middle of the village.

The third, ever so slightly newer than that, was simply to do a mosaic picture of a dragon that can be reversed to appear as the head of the creature that it actually was before time, magic and conventional preconceptions rendered it into the dragon of our story.

The fourth, also slightly more recent, involves a mosaic of the protagonist leading his horse up the Dragon’s Road with a Bride of the Winter Roses on horseback.

The fifth, much more recent, involves the Dragon seen from high above int he glimmer of the full moon, supposedly from the point of view of one of the dying mercenaries sent to slay it.

The sixth involves the dragons eyes peering through the windows of the top floor of the tavern, where the Bride is being kept prisoner by her stubborn, power-mongering father.

And finally (7th), just a grim colour illustration of the Dragon atop the dessicated Tree of Souls.

I suppose I could take a stab at a more pulp movie poster approach, except that very few books are sold with that kind of illustration, and I’m not sure I’d fare any better, particularly given my success rate so far.

So, any thoughts? I’m not looking for suggestions. Believe me, if I want to, I can dream up two dozen more concepts. There are a lot of iconic images I built into this novel. I  could practically draw it as a comic, ifI could just draw it fast enough, and really, I’d prefer it painted.

Alright, time to go think up something for Uncle Eddie to talk about. Hopefully a few more of you will drop by to consider looking at or buying one of my very reasonably priced ebooks. Because you know, it’s really not that hard, and I do believe they accept PayPal. Or alternatively, you could tell me which site you prefer buying ebooks from and I’ll go there and set up an account if I haven’t already.

Ah well, I suspect the herbal medicines in my tea are starting to kick in. May have to take a pass on writing any more tonight. Be well, and thanks for reading.


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