Strange Days Indeed

So I spent the day working with my buddy Gary on the new recording of a pop song I wrote and demoed over sixteen years ago, back when I was young, thin and virile, and spent an awful lot of time making music. These days, I know better what I’m trying to do, but I don’t have half of the drive I did back then. I’m hoping that things will change in the coming weeks.

Anyway, the song is still in the demo stages, and I’m severely unhappy with the mix, but at least most of the weird ideas I wanted to try are represented here. I’ll have to rerecord most of it and get cleaner takes, but it still sounds pretty interesting, if flawed. I could fill an ocean with what I don’t know about how to get great sound mixes in the digital environment I create music in (no decent monitor speakers), because it takes so long and uses too many resources trying to get an analogue copy to test out on decent sound equipment. I’m largely working in the dark here, and my headphones are a piece of crap. *sigh*

On the book writing front, I haven’t achieved sweet FA today. It’s tricky trying to switch gears to work in a completely different discipline when you’ve spent hours getting your head into the right shape for one type of creative endeavour. A bit like being the odd job guy around the factory or office, except that there’s more than mere skill involved. Creativity requires a pretty clear and sparkly brain to get the best work done.

Anyway, looks like I’m getting tired. Best to stop before I start babbling.


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