Typing In The Dark Will Be The Title of My Autobiography

So I’m up early again. Some days, that’s just how we roll here in Limbo. I’ve got my buddy James’ music playing through the headphones again, and I’m thinking to myself that I wish I could engineer my songs just well enough to sound half as clear and edgy as his tracks do. I also realize that there is a little matter of playing the tracks until the parts come out cleanly, but I should at least be able to get things clean enough that you can hear the bum notes properly.

I’m playing with three band EQ and pan and volume levels to get some separation, but so far, the big problem seems to be that my multi-track doesn’t like recording electric acoustic guitars with everything else in the mix. Just turns it to mush, even though I think the guitar parts sounded pretty good when Gary played them. May have to go back in there today and play a more aggressive acoustic part to get the dynamics that are getting buried in the pudding effect. Worst comes to worst, I record an electric on an acoustic setting.

I at least succeeded in getting the bass more or less under control, though I still don’t have the volume level quite right. That said, I’d still love having James’ bass playing instead of mine, which isn’t making me as happy as it usually does for some reason. I’d probably feel a little better about it if I didn’t have a big blood blister on the tip of my right middle finger from finger picking the bass while I rehearsed my old bass line for Here It Comes Again. I love that bass line. One of my earliest bass parts that really sticks together. I don’t like writing parts that don’t have any bounce to them, but it has to be said, James has a cooler tone than I do, and he doesn’t overplay like I do.

Days like these, I miss having Big Dave on bass. He had much better instincts for simplifying bass lines than I do. He had great tone as well.

There. I have purged myself for the moment. Now I can go work on something else for a bit. Probably just work on chord charts, since I’m still in a musical frame of mind. I should be editing Infinite Redress, The Bride of War and Terminal Monday. Guess I’ll go make some tea and get to work. TTYL.


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