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Once upon a time, I was a painter. Note, I’ve painted some walls in my time, but I mean an actual artist painter. I did a number of rather intense abstract paintings, some of which no longer exist or are no longer in my possession. Some of them were actually quite good, I think. I’ve put up a selection of the best on, where yes, you too can own a piece of the not-legend.

Sadly, I don’t have the ability to have much larger versions made, but Red Bubble’s prints can get up to a few feet, and can be printed on a number of mediums including canvas. Truth to tell, I wouldn’t mind having a few myself, as some of the pieces I’ve scanned or photographed afford me the ability to print larger versions than the original pieces. The bit that is bothering me at the moment is that they seem to have reduced the size of a number of my art prints, which irritates me because I was kind of hoping I could get blown up copies of a few of them for my walls. One piece, which I call Neo, was listed as being printable at up to a few feet which I thought would make a great wall hanging, as the original was painted rather thickly on a smallish piece of heavy art board. It’s a brilliant and quite intense piece. Take a look for yourself:

Like I said, pretty intense. The problem would seem to be that, unlike most of the other scans I have of my smaller abstracts, the ‘large’ file I have of this one is 72dpi, which confuses me because the others are scanned at the ridiculously high 1200dpi, which is excessive even for print services. What this basically means is, I have to rescan the painting with a scanner that is much smaller than the one I previously used to scan it originally.

Here’s one of my other favourite pieces, called Inner Resolve:

If you look very closely at that painting, you’ll discover the true location of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains (right, Rod?). 😉

But seriously, both of these paintings are so wild and dense that I can’t look at them even now and not feel a little of the manic glee that filled me when I was painting them. This is a painting I’d dearly love a huge wall print of someday. I’d have to get a place big enough to contain it, but still, it’s such an important piece to me, I only wish I’d had the ability to paint it at a size that would reflect its power better.

One more piece, which I once entitled Reality, for reasons that are no longer readily apparent to me:

Now this piece looks like it should be a huge wall mural like those classic Jackson Pollock pieces, but the truth is, it’s about as long as my forearm. Just a fabulously dense piece, and it’s warped from the dried up acrylic paint, which caused the board beneath it to ripple as it dried. I’d love to have a large scale print of this, but frankly, I’d have no place to hang it in my apartment. Some day…

All of this goes to say that, if I had it to do over again, I think I’d have preferred to have tried painting at lest one of these or one of the dozen or so other abstracts I did during that period as true large scale paintings in the Pollock vein, if for no other reason than to see some of these details at a larger size. That said, I doubt I could have painted them in a larger scale using the techniques I was using back then. Might be nice to try to paint them at a larger size with tradistional painting techniques, though.

But only if there were a chance of getting a showing in a nice gallery somewhere. Otherwise, big prints would be just fine for me, though.

Anyway, time I did some writing today. Hope the show and tell amused.



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