I Don’t Want To Fade Away

I’m a bit worn out tonight, but I figured I’d pop in and make one more post, just for the heck of it.

I got a fair bit of layout work on Terminal Monday done today, but I still have to give it a thorough read-through (the cursory read-through it’s getting as I fix the formatting isn’t going to cut it), which could take me a week or two. Not welcome news with two other books to do, including one that demands that a couple of chapters be rewritten.

In other news, I’ve been running errands for half of the afternoon, it’s cold and wet out, and my back is aching, which is probably the real reason I’m kinda wiped.

My wife is still waiting for OSAP to process her paperwork so she can go to school in the new year.

I’m trying to decide if I’m going to recommence writing either the Author Unknown series or The Uninvited Guest series (links to come soon) come this January/February. I wouldn’t mind working on both, but I also have four more anthologies to bang together, some of which require some actual writing to finish up some stories and sketches.

I have one more day of abject poverty before we go back to having a few bucks to pour into the ever-growing maw of insatiable debt. One fine day, I hope to climb out of this hole on a ladder made of money, which I will make by selling you books.

That was a subtle hint.

And finally, we are having leftover turkey tonight, and you know what? That’s great. I love leftover turkey. I love turkey, period. And this year’s American Thanksgiving turkey was PERFECT. I think the real reason I married an American girl was so I could have two Thanksgivings a year. No wonder this is my favourite time of year.

That and snow. C’mon, snow!

What? Don’t look at me like that, I happen to love snow. Who’s blog is this, anyway?


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