Then I Close My Eyes

So I’m sitting here listening to David Gilmour Live in Gdansk, while my wife clicks and clacks away in the background after having read about how the Harper Government is completely screwing up helping get the Attawapiskat, a tribe of formerly hunter/trapper natives being settled in the far north. No roads, no plumbing, no phones, no foundations, no infrastructure of any kind, and all they got was lumber airlifted in at exorbitant expense, which only rotted out from under them during the thaw because, surprise, you can’t build wooden foundations on Tundra ice and damp earth surrounded by said ice.

Apparently, Harper is quite put out by this course of developments. A lot of money has been allocated to this project, and yet, it seems to have been wasted. I wonder what incompetent is going to have to shoulder the blame when this gets investigated. I’m quite sure it won’t be Harper or his immediate advisers, who clearly haven’t a brain between them.

That humidifier is pretty noisy when it wants to be.

Thank goodness David Gilmour has angry music in his catalogue as well as pleasant bluesy slide guitar numbers. Today feels like one of those days when lots will get done so long as I harness the anger.

I got some work done on the cover for The Bride of War yesterday. It’s still not ready; it needs an inside cover illustration (which won’t be visible in ebook form, but anyway), which I haven’t done yet. I sort of faked up some of it in Illustrator yesterday after completing the cover graphics. Here, have a look:

This isn’t finished by a long chalk. the substitute graphic I put into the background layer won’t be there when I’m done, and the window shape on the back cover will be rectangular or possibly gridded, so I can show off a bit of the dragon that I’m going to digitally paint, once I’ve gotten the image drawn.

But yeah, I think this cover will look excellent when I’m done. If you look closely, I even managed to approximate a leather texture for the cover material. Hope you like it.

I’ve got three books open for editing, and I’ve been kind of bouncing back and forth between the three, fixing things and trying hard not to think about the handful of chapters I still have to rewrite. I wasn’t going to attempt prose until this headache has cleared, which it still hasn’t done. I’m gonna go eat some soup and see if that doesn’t help. Wrong soup, but what can you do. Maybe I’ll go get something else later. Errands to run in a bit, so I’ve got to hurry.


ETA: My lovely wife just poured hot water into my cold tea. She doesn’t like my Uncle Eddie’s cold tea = work getting done theory.


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