Life After Rock and Roll

Today wasn’t quite the day I’d hoped for, productivity-wise: I wasn’t able to focus on reading and editing the books; my drummer quietly refuses to do any recording for me until he owns an electronic kit he can practice with at home, and intends to do nothing about it (but watch drum videos on youtube) until he gets his income tax in the new year; he also won’t come over and record background vocals after work (or on any other day), and figures he won’t be able to do so until after the holidays; I haven’t laid down the guitar tracks I’ve been planning on doing since last week; The guitar player won’t be around to work again until after the Christmas rush as well; I have several cool tee shirt designs I’m not working on at this moment; and I’m getting pretty hungry, which means no work will get done tonight, because I’ll be too distracted, and dinner will be served around 8 PM, after which there is only TV.

What I’m reluctant to tell them is, I have every intention of recording whether they come over or not. If this album gets demoed without them, so be it. I’m ready to go now, and don’t really have a lot of time to screw around, particularly while I’m in the midst of another medication change.

I wouldn’t say I’m frustrated… but you wouldn’t get a funny look from me if you suggested it.

I hope everyone else is having a fine weekend. Enjoy it, and if you’re going out to sing karaoke and drink beers without me, at least remember to have one for me.


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