You Didn’t Know What You Were Looking For Til You Heard the Voices In Your Ears

I didn’t pick the title to illustrate some mental issue of mine. Interstingly, apparently some Bipolar types actually do experience some delusions and aural hallucinations, but I have, to the best of my knowledge, never suffered from that.

No, I picked the title because it puts me in mind of the fact that, up until a couple of years ago, I had been slowly killing myself trying to be someone I just wasn’t very good at being. Not knocking day jobs, steady pay or benefits, things I could sorely use right now. I just found that I couldn’t balance the day job properly. It was doing things to my head. Bad things. I suspect I’ll never work for another bad manager again.

We’ve been watching a lot of Eureka lately. Going to finally start the fourth season tomorrow. It’s been hit and miss in places, though the writing is generally pretty good, and the acting is quite good. I noted in the first half of teh third season, there was an almost imperceptible shift in the writing of the first half dozen or so episodes. It’s kind of gotten its equilibrium back, but it does leave me wondering how it will shake things up for the fourth season.

I mention this because I marvel once again at how, despite the fact that I watch a number of American television shows, I have very little urge to write for them. Even the smartest, most anarchic shows on the air require at least one person sort of bucking the trend, shaking up the perfect order of things, but in a constructive way. There simply isn’t a lot of that going on in television right now.

Writing tends to attract a lot of clever technicians and ego trippers, but really, the job isn’t nearly as easy as folks like to make out it is. As my Agent has come to realise, writers don’t take many extended breaks or vacations.

I had mroe to say, I think, but I’m nodding off. I’m not as nocturnal as I used to be, sadly. Good night.


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