Oh Won’t You Come Here, Whoever You Are?

There are days when I can feel from the very start that I’m going to have a good, productive day. There are also days when I can tell from the moment I get up that I’m better off staying in bed. Neither of these options fazes me too much. What gets me down is the uncertain days, where I wake up feeling like something might happen, but not having a clue as to what it will be, and thus not enough drive to just apply myself to one task and seeing it through to completion.

Take these books I’m editing: all three are open on my laptop today. In fact, they have been for days. And yet, very little has gotten done on them. Lots of formatting and crap like that, but very little writing or editing getting done. Some days, it actually upsets me to realise how much time I’m losing. I have to get a book released this week, one the week after, and one the week after that. Lots of fun.

And me? I can barely bring myself to look at any of these books.

So I’ll probably create their Table of Contents and make myself sit down and read through the trouble chapters, just to confirm that they actually need editing/rewriting. The one that’s due first, ASHES: Infinite Redress, is probably going to be the hardest. I’ve been tinkering with it for a while, but the only cure is a full read-through from start to finish, with notes nearby to correct everything that isn’t consistent and makes no references to anything outside of the novella itself.

Then it’s on to The Bride of War, finishing the rewrites I’ve been promising one and all I’d do for the last… I guess it’s been three years since I completed the original edits and started seeking a publisher for it. That book has its own center of gravity, but it needed a little help getting to its feet, and it’s still a little painful going back to reread it, because my brain keeps telling me I can do better, even though I lavished quite a bit of attention on it back in the day. It’s a fine book. It just needs a little polish in the middle chapters and a rewrite of the epilogue to make it less tell-more show.

I might just decide to let it go as is and save the rewritten epilogue for one of the collections going out next year. It feels like a novella, or at least a longish short story, in my head. I just can’t decide if it needs to be in the novel. I like codas, but I don’t know if the balance would be thrown off by trying to wedge my better epilogue in after the main feast.

Finally, Terminal Monday needs one more chapter touched up to ensure it has no references to the Rail Trail here in Hamilton. Shouldn’t take much more work. I’m just procrastinating because the rest of my workload is so big. I do know that I have no serious desire to do a major reread of that book again. I’ve been living with it too long; All I can find the strength for is one last bit of editing, shoving the damned thing out the door and moving on.

Anyway, procrastination always seems to get me into mor etrouble than I need, so I guess I’ll go write Eddie’s blog and then get to work. Send warm thoughts, poppets.


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