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A’pul – Planetary Entry from ASHES Glossary

December 6, 2011

A’pul – The B’tele homeworld, from which the dominant species, the B’tel, grow in gardens until they transform, becoming bipedal and mobile.
They have a tendency of alienating as many species as they do Transunify, owing entirely to their somewhat sanctimonious mannerisms. They are held up as being some of the most spiritually evolved creatures in the known universe, but they are also one of the few such spiritually-attuned species that are still regarded as naive and annoying.
In fact, there are quite a few B’tele who find B’tele society exasperating, which is the real reason so many of them go into missionary work for the Transunion.
The most successful of these tend to be much more laid back, and in fact are regarded–with some good reason–as being celebrities within the spirit medium culture. They often refer to their mission teams as ‘bands’, and to their missions as ‘going on tour’.

The B’tele are a species of living tree beings who travel the universe and mediate with species preparing to commit to Transunification. They have highly developed psionic abilities, and are extremely long lived and highly disciplined.
B’tel = singular
B’tele = plural

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