Yeah When I See You And Your Little Guitars Sing To Me

I should tell you that, when you see me posting excerpts from my upcoming novels, it isn’t planned; I just happen to be working on some piece from one of the books, and it suddenly occurs to me that there’s a bit I’d like folks to read. I won’t be posting too many more from this upcoming batch because they’ll be available online at Smashwords and Amazon soon.

With that in mind, I’ll be adding running linkfarms of the excerpts I’ve already posted, which will be placed in their individual book description pages, here on this blogsite. Just go to the My Bookshelf link at the top and select the book you wish to check out, and ther eshould be links to excerpts on those pages, if I’ve posted anything at all from them. I might go back and post an excerpt from LinkTales, too, just to be a completist.

It occurs to me that I shared ‘Live on Mars?’, a segment from the Under Observation novella that isn’t listed on this site, which leads me to believe I must have only posted it on either deviantArt or LiveJournal. Maybe Facebook. Weird that I didn’t post it here, though. Perhaps I did it before I started this site. i should go correct that.

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do today, and I’m also starting to get hungry, which means I must go forage. I hope you folks have a fine day.


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