Today’s Topic: Planned Obsolecence

Okay, so I’m not one of those apparently highly wealthy people who can afford to replace their computer every couple of years or sooner. The PowerBook G4 isn’t nearly as shiny as it was back around 2006 when I first started borrowing it from its previous owner (lightly used… HA!). We’ve made one important upgrade, and might possibly make one mroe some tiem next year, money permitting, but as of this moment, my lovely little 15″ Titanium laptop is being unceremoniously dumped on the scrap heap…

…at least as far as Apple and most of the web app companies (like Adobe Flash) are concerned. What do they care? There’s no money in supporting machines that are built using obsolete parts, right? I mean, forget that the guy who bought this laptop paid a princely sum for it. He could afford to replace it out of pocket money. Me? Yeah, not so much.

So what I plan on doing is figuring out if there is any way I’ll be able to reinstall certain programmes I’ve grown to love, like Scrivener, into Linux. Then I’m wiping this computer and installing Ubuntu, and saying goodbye to the Mac OS altogether. If they won’t support me, why the hell should I support them?

Anyway, just my warm little thought for a 7 AM.


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