I Played the Game and Lost

So today I missed my deadline for releasing ASHES: Infinite Redress. I had a sort of hangover headache that last almost all day, and by the time it had abated, I was too worn out to get any work done. This is all due to my changing medications and the fact that I took a sleeping pill last night that I knew would probably affect me badly today.
Tonight, I won’t be using any sleep aids, other than some Sleepytime Extra Tea. We’ll see if that and some Naproxen for my back ache are enough to help me sleep at least four hours and get up to do some real work tomorrow, free from brain fog and achy goodness.
Also, today I tried to sell my services as a cartoonist in the service of promoting my writing, and got less attention for my efforts than I’ve had on just about any weekend since early October, before all the madness began. I’ve gained a few new ‘followers’ here on WordPress, which is nice *waves to new people*, but I’m not going to get all worke dup about it. You have to try pretty hard to run into your followers on WordPress.
The tree and window display are up, thanksmostly to my amazing wife. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.
And finally, I just wanted to mention that my record review got a lot less attention than I thought it would, which leads me to conclude that I do not have contacts with many BNL fans… or perhaps even music fans, for that matter. How did that happen?
Thanks for reading. Good night.

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